zlele – Penetralia (2022)

Hello, friends! New release on the Syntes Records label. And this is my friend’s zlele album called “Penetralia”. I really dig this atmosphere. I will not talk much about it. Nobody can explain better than the author. So, here is some info about the artist and the album itself.

Zlele are comets and stars, all heavenly bodies that fly endlessly through time, sweep through space, leaving behind various light strokes, painting colorful pictures of unique life moments, imprinted in sound, in way to be reborn again and forever remain authentic. The electronic alter ego of Yurii Dubrovskyi, a member of the bands Octopus Kraft and NUG.

Penetralia is a place hidden from everyone, but there happens a lot: something born and dies, grows and breaks, smiles and cries, loves and hates, rises above all clouds, and in the end, despises and even more, but in this collection only what managed to escape, crawl and get out from there.

The debut album of Yurii Dubrovskyi under the pseudonym Zlele in the style of electronica with elements of downtempo and ambient was written mainly with analog synthesizers and some inclusions of a guitar. This album was born to immerse the listener as much as possible into his own inner cosmic journey.

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