noteaf - Street Light (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Street Light (2022)

Hello! The track “Street Light” is a fresh lo-fi / chill composition with nice night sounds recorded by me in my city, during the slow walk. It perfectly fits for relaxation after a hard-working day. No sophisticated melodies, rhythms, or time signatures…just light and soft track for your ears....
Sasha Proletarskyi, Zlele, 58918012 - тропік зими (artwork faeton music)

Sasha Proletarskyi, Zlele, 58918012 – тропік зими (2021)

Hi guys! I’ll be honest, I thought that “Dead Silence” is going to be the last release in 2021. But I was a bit wrong. I participated in this nice collaboration with Sasha Proletarskyi and Zlele. It’s a mix of techno, ambient, and poetry. Pretty dark and hypnotic track....
noteaf - Hold It (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Hold It (2021)

Hello, friends! Here is the fresh lo-fi track from my project noteaf. Nothing special…just a nice lo-fi hip-hop track. Just turn it up, and your body will start to move 🙂 Also, don’t forget to follow me on Spotify and Instagram. Your support is very much appreciated. Enjoy
noteaf - Мало (feat. MURRA) (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Мало (feat. MURRA) (2021)

Hey guys! The song “Мало” is a spontaneous collaboration of me (Yurii Popov a.k.a. noteaf) and my friend Mariana Zhdaniuk a.k.a. MURRA. It’s kinda mix of chillhop, lo-fi hip-hop, r’n’b, and neo-soul music. Gentle, sad, slightly melancholic, but still warm track with an amazing vocal line and Ukrainian lyrics....
noteaf - Warm Evening (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Warm Evening (2021)

Hello, my friends! i am happy to represent to you the second track by “noteaf” (my new lo-fi hip-hop / chillhop music project). The name of the track is actually perfectly describes the mood and vibe. It’s really warm track with light jazzy shades and trumpet sounds. If you...
Faeton Beats - 800hp (artwork faeton music)

Faeton Beats – 800hp (2021)

Hey guys! This post is pretty strange… As you all, probably, know, I play guitar in a post-metal band NUG, make ambient music under 58918012 alias, and now, I started to produce hip-hop beats as Faeton Beats. Because, why not, right? Check out the first released beat right now...
58918012 - The Land (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – The Land (2021)

Hey guys! I am pretty excited to represent to you my new EP entitled “The Land” 🙂 This three-track EP is a cocktail of ethnic music of different cultures that passed through the neurons of my brain, electronic music, and ambient music. I’ve tried to write this music as...
Ievgeniy Kozlov & Kristie Pie - Hating Us (artwork faeton music)

Ievgeniy Kozlov, Kristie Pie – Hating Us (2021)

Hello, guys! I’ve had a dream today. I was in the middle of the endless snow-covered field and trying to move, but I didn’t. I don’t believe in prophetic dreams, but this one was incredibly realistic… I literally felt that cold snow and my weakness in the face of...
58918012 - Three States EP (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Three States EP (2020)

Good morning 🙂 My new EP “Three States” is out now! In this release I used beats. First of all, just to make the music a bit more dynamic and structured. But one track still keeps the dark ambient atmosphere. In the end, that’s the roots of 58918012. “Three...
Erich Strabe - Ya Hochu (artwork faeton music)

Erich Strabe – Ya Hochu (2020)

Hey guys! It’s pretty strange, but yes, here is one more suddenly created post for today 🙂 Here is Erich Strabe – electronic / techno music artist from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and his fresh work entitled “Ya Hochu” (which is “I Want” in English). Honestly, I know him for a...
schizogen 2020 artwork (faeton music)

SCHIZOGEN – Spawn of Almighty Essence (album 2020)

Hey, guys! This post is pretty spontaneous gonna be on Ukrainian, so, if you don’t know Ukrainian…sorry then 🙂 It’s just because it’s much more simply for me to describe what I feel about this album in Ukrainian. Anyway, if you’re also fan of BDM, then you can translate...