Machiniska - One by One by One (artwork faeton music)

Machiniska – One by One by One (2022)

Hi there! Since the war began, every day I have a bunch of very strong emotions…and sometimes I just need to take a rest. Today’s song is a perfect soundtrack to do that. Here is Machiniska — electronic / trip-hop music artist from Brisbane, Australia, the song “One by...
Temple Haze - Blank White Page (artwork faeton music)

Temple Haze – Blank White Page (2022)

Hello. This time I don’t want to write an introduction. Not in a mood… So, let’s get into the music right away. Here is Temple Haze — indie / electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and his fresh track entitled “Blank White Page”. I can compare the experience of...
58918012 - micromind (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – micromind (2022)

Hi guys! If you’re reading this then you, probably, know my style. I am always experimenting with genres, sounds, moods, and their mixing. This new EP is called “micromind”. It includes three tracks. They’re all in one key and in pretty same vibe/mood. It’s something between downtempo, ambient, trip-hop,...
Vintz Desert - Sisyphus (artwork faeton music)

Vintz Desert – Sisyphus (2022)

Hi, guys! Since 24.02 my country (Ukraine) living in a new reality. This bloody war is already taking hundreds if not thousands of lives. This is so painful… But we all believe in truth and our victory. Thanks to all people and countries for the support
noteaf - Portrait (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Portrait (2022)

What’s up, lofi music lovers? Traditionally I am here to share my fresh tune with all of you. It’s called “Portrait” btw and dedicated to one of the most important persons in my entire life, my beloved granny Musya. She is not here anymore…so, this one sounds a bit...
58918012 - Different Colors (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Different Colors (2022)

Hello, my friends from around the world! Once again I’d like to say that I didn’t even expect that my music may be released during the war in my country…russian invasion and aggression against Ukraine is a pure tragedy! My deepest condolences to all families that lost somebody during...
Iris Of The Black Sun - He Who Breaks The Earth (artwork faeton music)

Iris Of The Black Sun – He Who Breaks The Earth (2022)

Hello, friends! One more day of the new dark reality. One more dark and incredibly heavy metal song. Today here is Iris Of The Black Sun — industrial / death metal music project of Jason Pather from New Zealand, and the song “He Who Breaks The Earth”. Let’s check...