Faeton music Spotify playlists

Hi, music lovers! Here are Faeton Music Spotify playlists. They’re all regularly updated, with carefully selected songs. A lot of genres: hip-hop, ambient, metal, indie, folk, techno, acid jazz, and much more. Everything carefully sorted in order for your best listening experience. To clarify things a little, here are a few words about playlists themselves.

The hip-hop thief [hip-hop / rap] 🎤
Only the best tracks of hip-hop and any subgenres of hip-hop music! Neatly stolen from Spotify deeps, to reach the final destination — your ears.

sleep trip [perfect ambient / relaxation music] 🌘
Selected ambient music! Only the best ambient for your relaxation, education, sleep, meditation, and other purposes of your choice. Have a good sleep trip 🙂

Nothing but TECHNO [best techno music] 👽
This playlist dedicated to techno music of any kind, such as classic techno, acid techno, ambient techno, dub techno, hardcore techno, industrial techno, minimal techno, etc. But one thing is constant here — only the best stuff appears on this playlist.

Fu*king heavy! [truly heavy music] 🤘
In this playlist, you always can find the best and fresh metal music of styles such as progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, deathcore, post-metal, sludge, doom, black metal, and so on!

Sweet sadness [folk / indie / acoustic / slowcore] 😔
If you want to kill some time with the light sadness, or just to relax your brain, you’re in the right place! Click “play” and this playlist will definitely satisfy your soul. Enjoy your light sadness.

Acid jazz VIBES [from acid jazz to dark jazz and beyond] 😎
Probably the best acid jazz / nu jazz / dark jazz / jazzstep / trip-hop / jungle playlist. Carefully selected tracks. Old, new, famous, and underground representatives of the genre. Are you ready? Jusy click “play” and enjoy!

Abstract oscillations [minimal / abstract / experimental] 〰️
Welcome to the playlist with the perfect selection of minimal, abstract, and experimental tracks from around the world. Amazing minimalist vibes for your ears. Enjoy!

the fog pulsations [dub techno / ambient techno] ⚪️
I don’t know why but dub techno / ambient techno music always reminds me of a few things: fog, dawn, blur, and warmth. If you are looking for perfect dub techno music, then you’re in the right place.

Lo-Files [lo-fi hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop / chill] 📻
The selection of the best tracks of lo-fi hip-hop and everything around this genre! The warm sounds of total chill.

Ukrainian hip-hop / Український хіп-хоп 🇺🇦 📻
The best hip-hop music born in Ukraine. Найкращий хіп-хоп народжений в Україні.

DSBM [music for desaturated times] 💀
A growing collection of black metal music.

If you want to submit your music to one of my Spotify playlists, then just drop me the line to: faeton.music(at)gmail.com

P.S: if you don’t using Spotify, then you always can listen to the music on Faeton Music Daily, or listen and read a little about each track on Faeton Music Blog, or even listen to all tracks on Faeton Music Youtube channel. In any case — enjoy the music <3