About Daily Track by Faeton Music

Yurii Popov (faeton music)

First of all – Faeton Music Blog / Daily Track website is running by the music lover, for music lovers. The main reason why I’ve made and regularly updating this website – is to open for people new and interesting music. As a music lover, I am surfing the web in searching of something fresh and good for my ears. But it’s goddamn hard to do in the modern world. Mainly, because of tons of shitty music over there. It was my dream – if somebody will do all the “dirty job” for me, so I just be able to click “play” and enjoy the good stuff.

Daily Track by Faeton Music – is a service, where you can listen to the freshest music. Every day I uploading one more track. Genre is not important for me. I can post any kind of music here, from ambient and electronic music, to jazz and death metal. So, beware, sometimes the playlist may shock you.

If you are musician and wanting to send me your music, I am always open for new stuff. Just click to “Submit” link here, or in the main menu. But keep in mind, that I am posting only music that hooking me (so, this is very subjective thing).

Well, hope you’ve got me. At least, now you know, where is the place with the best music on the internet (yep, I mean this website). Enjoy your life with good music 🙂

I recently started a brand new youtube channel “sleep trip”, dedicated to ambient music. Check this out and subscribe 🙂