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zlele - Penetralia (artwork faeton music)

zlele – Penetralia (2022)

Hello, friends! New release on the Syntes Records label. And this is my friend’s zlele album called “Penetralia”. I really dig this atmosphere. I will not talk much about it. Nobody can explain better than the author. So, here is some info about the artist and the album itself....
58918012 - micromind (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – micromind (2022)

Hi guys! If you’re reading this then you, probably, know my style. I am always experimenting with genres, sounds, moods, and their mixing. This new EP is called “micromind”. It includes three tracks. They’re all in one key and in pretty same vibe/mood. It’s something between downtempo, ambient, trip-hop,...
58918012 - Needle Tip (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Needle Tip (2022)

Hello everyone. The album “Needle Tip” is one of my darkest works (in one row with “Four Days”, “60”, and “and fall through the time”). This is the mix of noise, techno, dark ambient, drone, tape loops, and human feelings. To be honest, I know why it’s so dark...
58918012 - Fog Echoes (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Fog Echoes (2021)

Hi, guys! I am pretty happy to represent to all of you my new release called “Fog Echoes”. This is dub techno / techno release with ambient roots. In this hot summertime, it’s gonna be perfect music to chill after a long workday (at least I hope so). Personally,...
Telikan - Circulate (artwork faeton music)

Telikan – Circulate (2021)

Good morning (or whatever on your side now)! Since I am a huge music lover, I have a bunch of different styles of music for different situations. For example, ambient music — is for late-night or evening, metal music — is mostly for morning / day, etc… But dub...
Rapt - I (artwork faeton music)

Rapt – I (2021)

Good morning, music lovers 🙂 Today here is Jacob Ware aka Rapt — electronic / experimental music artist from Brighton, UK, and his track “I”. Let’s dive right in! Some time ago I’ve already posted his music on my blog (check out the link below). And…honestly, this track is...