Your Friend, Ghost - Gone (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Gone (2020)

Hey-hey! Good morning 🙂 A few days of pause are gone like a little preparation before fresh stuff from my friends “Your Friend, Ghost”. This time it’s a track “Gone” off their fresh album “Foreign Skies”. I think, if you’re following my blog, then I don’t need to introduce...
River Sultan - Purple Shelter (artwork faeton music)

River Sultan – Purple Shelter (2020)

Hello 🙂 Today I will give you a chance to relax a little. After three days of metal, here is, finally, something light and easy to listen to. Let’s check! The first thing we can hear — soft percussion loop, with slightly ethnic taste, deep bass, and synth with...
Your Friend, Ghost - Smokers (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Smokers (2020)

Good morning 🙂 The guys I want to post here today is some kind of legionaries of Faeton Music Blog. Just check the links below and you will figure everything out. Let’s got ahead to the current song! Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about it… They,...
Paul Babe - Lasso (artwork faeton music)

Paul Babe – Lasso (2020)

Good morning! Saturday is always a time to relax in my opinion. So, I have something, pretty relaxing, for you today 🙂 Let’s check it together! Here is the debut single “Lasso” by Paul Babe — indie / neo-soul music artist from Brooklyn, United States. As I already said,...
Loden - We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (artwork faeton music)

Loden – We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (2020)

Hello folks! Without any long lyrical introduction. Let’s jump right into it! Here is Loden — electronic music producer from Brussels, Belgium, and the track “We Left The Colony, Sans Regret”. First of all, the track sounds pretty original and unusual for me. I’ve heard a lot of trip-hop...
JVLY - aporia (artwork faeton music)

JVLY – aporia (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Here is JVLY – indie / electronic music artist from Newcastle, Australia, and his fresh track “aporia”. Let’s check it! Today’s morning is pretty lazy for me for some reason and this track fits my mood perfectly. The tempo and rhythm of the song is lazy...
Heran Soun - When You Wanted (artwork faeton music)

Hēran Soun – When You Wanted (2020)

Hello, guys! How is y’all weekend going? 🙂 For instance, I am pretty happy to hear fresh stuff by Heran Soun. Btw, you can check previously posted tracks following links below. Let’s move on! Today here is the song entitled “When You Wanted”. As author says: “When You Wanted...
Tristan de Liège - Horizons (feat. Cameo Adele) (artwork faeton music)

Tristan de Liège – Horizons (feat. Cameo Adele) (2020)

Hi there! How you are guys doing? Hope everything is perfect 🙂 Sometimes I am dreaming, and those dreams are about the place, where I can be free! Without pain, troubles, and any negative feelings. And you know what? I think I found the ticket to that place… Today...
Marcus Jacob - Day by Day (feat. keshi) (artwork faeton music)

Marcus Jacob – Day by Day (feat. keshi) (2020)

Good morning 🙂 If yesterday was a “heavy” day, then today is a day of total relaxation (at least this track). Let’s dive into the deep and warm waters of this composition together. Some time ago (a year actually) I’ve already posted this artist here. Honestly, I like it...
mindchatter - scared to go home (artwork faeton music)

Mindchatter – scared to go home (2020)

Hey-hey! How you are guys doing? I don’t know how, but sometimes musicians make each track as a masterpiece. For example – Mindchatter. This guy was posted here for four times, and today is gonna be fifth 🙂 This musician won my heart a long time ago, and I...
Sour Sync - Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (artwork faeton music)

Sour Sync – Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (2020)

Hello, guys! I have almost merged with my chair already… Beautiful spring outside, but I should (everybody actually) stay home. One good point here – I have an endless source of fresh music! And I am always trying to share some with you