noteaf - Hold It (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Hold It (2021)

Hello, friends! Here is the fresh lo-fi track from my project noteaf. Nothing special…just a nice lo-fi hip-hop track. Just turn it up, and your body will start to move 🙂 Also, don’t forget to follow me on Spotify and Instagram. Your support is very much appreciated. Enjoy
BAILE - Follow (feat. Ellyn Woods) (artwork faeton music)

BAILE – Follow (feat. Ellyn Woods) (2021)

Hello, guys! This “gray” time right between autumn and winter makes me lazy and unproductive. But I have a cure — good music 🙂 Today here is BAILE feat. Ellyn Woods, and their track called “Follow”. Let’s check it! For sure, the first thing that we hear is a...
noteaf - Мало (feat. MURRA) (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Мало (feat. MURRA) (2021)

Hey guys! The song “Мало” is a spontaneous collaboration of me (Yurii Popov a.k.a. noteaf) and my friend Mariana Zhdaniuk a.k.a. MURRA. It’s kinda mix of chillhop, lo-fi hip-hop, r’n’b, and neo-soul music. Gentle, sad, slightly melancholic, but still warm track with an amazing vocal line and Ukrainian lyrics....
noteaf - Warm Evening (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Warm Evening (2021)

Hello, my friends! i am happy to represent to you the second track by “noteaf” (my new lo-fi hip-hop / chillhop music project). The name of the track is actually perfectly describes the mood and vibe. It’s really warm track with light jazzy shades and trumpet sounds. If you...
Oribu - Tempest (artwork faeton music)

Oribu – Tempest (2021)

Hi guys! Today is one of those days when I don’t want to go anywhere… Kinda autumn melancholic mood. you know that one when you just want to stay in bed with a cup of warm tea and some good music sounding from your speakers. And I’ve got a...
58918012 - Trumpet Time (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Trumpet Time (2021)

Hello, guys! This new EP “Trumpet Time” — is three tracks in styles of dark ambient, downtempo, and acid jazz, which are connected with each other by the one main thing — sounds of the trumpet. I love to work with live instruments! It’s always leading to something fresh...
noteaf - Pure Light (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Pure Light (2021)

Good morning, guys! Today is a pretty special day for me. The very first single of my new lo-fi hip-hop / chillhop project “noteaf” is out on all streaming services now! The track is called “Pure Light”. Well, it’s my own vision of the lo-fi vibe and culture in...
Naoko - Medusa (artwork faeton music)

Naoko – Medusa (2021)

Hello! You know me…I like dark music. It’s my weakness. Sure thing, it’s up to my inner mood as well. But in general, I prefer dark/sad music in front of light/upbeat stuff. Today here is Naoko — experimental / electronic music project from Trondheim, Norway, and their fresh track...
Rhi & Telemachus - So Much (artwork faeton music)

Rhi & Telemachus – So Much (2021)

Hi guys! Today I woke up already tired… Maybe it’s because of the weather, maybe not. Anyways, I wanted to hear something that fits my mood and state at this point. And I got it! Here is the wonderful track entitled “So Much”, by Rhi and Telemachus (both artists...
John Pierce O'Reilly - now, the sun (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – now, the sun (2021)

Hey guys! Some time ago I posted a very nice folk song by John Pierce O’Reilly called “iombhá”. As you may predict, today here is one more track by this musician — “now, the sun”. Let’s check it! First of all, it’s incredibly different from what I heard in...
Matt Robertson - Enveleau (artwork faeton music)

Matt Robertson – Enveleau (2021)

Hi, guys! What about some calm, chilled, and relaxing music for this hot summer day? Personally, for me, it’s literally vital for my brain and ears. So, I’ve got something special for you and for myself of course. Here is Matt Robertson — electronic / downtempo music artist from...