zlele - Penetralia (artwork faeton music)

zlele – Penetralia (2022)

Hello, friends! New release on the Syntes Records label. And this is my friend’s zlele album called “Penetralia”. I really dig this atmosphere. I will not talk much about it. Nobody can explain better than the author. So, here is some info about the artist and the album itself....
Fountain Child - As Dreams Are Made On (artwork faeton music)

Fountain Child – As Dreams Are Made On (2019)

Hi there. I have a friend, which will be pretty happy to hear this track (just because he really love future garage music). Tbh, I am also happy to hear it (just because it’s good). Incredibly atmospheric music with very recognizable for this kind of music beat. Vocal samples...

No Theory — Moment In Blue (2018)

Hello again! Day started from this little musical present 🙂 Very deep beat mixed with ambient synths – this is the way to get the good mood! If you (as me) love something like: Manu Shrine, Volor Flex, Vacant, etc…so here is something you should listen. I have just...

Liamere — Liamere (2015)

Hello. Silent snowy night. I love nights like this one. And this album makes right mood. Enjoy it 🙂 Liamere — trip-hop / downtempo / electronic music artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Liamere on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Qadafee — Soundayz EP (2011)

First of all, I want to congratulate you all with Valentine’s day! And first post for today is Qadafee. Another electronic musician from Moscow (Russia). Qadafee’s music is very light and atmospheric. I listen it right now and I think, that I will listen it throughout the day. Also...