Zane Coppard - Way Off (feat. Outback) (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Way Off (feat. Outback) (2021)

Hey guys! Zane Coppard is one of those artists, who I can call an “expert” of Faeton Music Blog game (because of the volume of his music on the blog). Five tracks already have been posted and today one more will get its place in my collection. Let’s check...
Sleepy Gonzales - aliens exist (artwork faeton music)

Sleepy Gonzales – aliens exist (2020)

Hi there! Autumn time is always blurry in some way. I can’t even explain it. But all these foggy nights, rainy days…makes me feel kinda blurry. I mean, all thoughts in my head and all my daily routine become strange. I am just living in a blurred world if...
Zane Coppard - Glass Ceiling (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Glass Ceiling (2020)

Hey-hey! Finally, Zane Coppard’s album is out! You can check it following link. Meanwhile, I am here to share with you the last single off the album. This track called “Glass Ceiling”. As usual in Zane’s case, this composition is pretty psychedelic and full of strange sounds. But it...
Zane Coppard - No Best Life (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – No Best Life (2020)

Good morning 🙂 It’s Friday again…how? My grandma was absolutely right when told me that time is a relative thing. It’s loooong and sometimes even torturously for kids, but incredibly fast and elusively for adult people. Anyways, I am here, so, let’s check out the fresh music! Here is...
Zane Coppard - Fake Reasons (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Fake Reasons (2020)

Hey, guys! For now, I just want to get a little trip… And the perfect helper for me will be Zane Coppard and his fresh song “Fake Reasons”. I’ve already posted his music here (check out the link below). For those, who skipped it for some reason, I repeat:...
Zane Coppard - Lost Upon The First Step (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Lost Upon The First Step (2020)

Hey! How you doing? Looking for something interesting for your brain? Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s check it! Here is Zane Coppard – indie / experimental music artist from Vancouver, Canada, and the song “Lost Upon The First Step”. Though the author described the style as indie...