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KILL THE IMPOSTER - Dongan Hills (artwork faeton music)

KILL THE IMPOSTER – Dongan Hills (2020)

Hey guys! Though it’s my birthday, I can’t leave you without fresh music 🙂 So, let’s check today’s song! Here is KILL THE IMPOSTER — death metal / deathcore band from Orlando, US, and their track “Dongan Hills”. Yep, after a few days of calm indie music, this track...
Reyn Hartley - Energy (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Energy (2020)

Hello, guys! If you know who is Reyn Hartley and what is Snitch, then you’ll be pretty happy to know that he released fresh track lately. For those who have no idea what am I talking about, here is short info: Reyn Hartley — hip-hop / rap music artist...
mon cher - Winter Time (artwork faeton music)

mon cher – Winter Time (2020)

Hi there, my friends 🙂 All of us dreaming sometimes, right? Today I am here with the music made of dreams and for dreams. I am excited to represent to you “mon cher” — dream pop / indie pop music project from Denver, US, and the song “Winter Time”,...