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zkennedy - Trash the Room (artwork faeton music)

zkennedy – Trash the Room (2021)

Hey! What’s up? Are you ready for a portion of fresh music? Okay, let’s go! Here is zkennedy — an alternative music artist from Houston, Texas, US, and the track “Trash the Room”. Even though on all his tracks on Soundcloud I see tags “r&b and soul” and “alternative”,...
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Here Lies (feat. Relic & Griffin) (artwork faeton music)

Paradox & DJ Sean P – Here Lies (f. Rel McCoy & Griffin) (2011)

Hey guys! How are things going? 🙂 For a pretty long time here was no hip-hop music, but today I will fix it with a portion of strong old-school hip-hop stuff! Paradox & DJ Sean P in da house with their track “Here Lies” (feat. Relic & Griffin). Let’s...
GraveSpitter - Learning Ignorance (artwork faeton music)

GraveSpitter – Learning Ignorance (2021)

Hello, guys! Do you want some energy? Here you go! 🙂 Today here is pretty short, but incredibly powerful hardcore / sludge track “Learning Ignorance” by GraveSpitter. band from Philadelphia, US. First of all, I’d like to say that this song sounds like a soundtrack to kill somebody (for...
Kyler Slater - Lost My Mind (artwork faeton music)

Kyler Slater – Lost My Mind (2021)

Hello! My god, the time is going incredibly fast! A year ago I posted here one nice song called “Perfect Form” by Kyler Slater – indie electronic / alternative music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Seems like it was yesterday…but no, a goddamn year ago, just can’t believe...
BARK - Malady (artwork faeton music)

BARK – Malady (2021)

Good morning! A bit more than a year ago I went to the live show of one pretty interesting trip-hop / alternative band from New York, called BARK. Still have their sticker on the wall in my room 🙂 That was a very nice evening with wonderful music and...
Daughter of Dawn - Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores (artwork faeton music)

Daughter of Dawn – Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores (2021)

Hi there! From the rest of the music, I always prefer sad and dark stuff. For sure, always may be exceptions. But this time here is a pretty sad and dark composition entitled “Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores” by Daughter of Dawn — slowcore / trip-hop music artist...