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Veinmelter - Half Awake (artwork faeton music)

Veinmelter – Half Awake (2020)

Hi guys! As usual, I am here with fresh music for you. This time here is Veinmelter (Winston Harrison) — indie / electronic music artist from Nashville, United States, and his fresh track entitled “Half Awake”. Let’s check it! The song makes me feel empty for some reason. I...
Jacob Freeman - Mask Mirror (artwork faeton music)

Jacob Freeman – Mask Mirror (2020)

Good morning, guys! Lazy Sunday out there right now. And I’ve got something special for you all today 😉 Here is Jacob Freeman — indie-electronic music artist from Chicago, United States, and his fresh song entitled “Mask Mirror”. The song starts with almost weightless airy sounds. They gently take...
Reyn Hartley - Bow (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Bow (2020)

Good morning, friends! Does anybody remember such name as Reyn Hartley, and tracks as “Snitch”, “Italy”, and “Energy”? Damn, what the fu*k? For sure you do! Well, in my opinion, this guy is one of the most stylish and interesting fresh-blood rappers. His tracks are hits. To prove my...
Haulm - Call The Waves (artwork faeton music)

Haulm – Call The Waves (2020)

Hi there! Today I am posting music in the evening, which is a bit unusual for me. But this song is gonna blow your mind, believe me! Here is Haulm — electronic / downtempo duo from New York, US, and their fresh track called “Call The Waves”. The song...
Orchid Mantis - Light Beyond (Right Now) (artwork faeton music)

Orchid Mantis – Light Beyond (Right Now) (2020)

Hi there! As always, I am trying to be unpredictable in my music choices 🙂 Anyways, today’s artist has been posted here twice before. Here is Orchid Mantis — a dream pop / indie pop music project based in Atlanta, United States, with the fresh song “light beyond (right...
Lemonship - BC33 (artwork faeton music)

Lemonship – BC33 (2020)

Good morning. Sometimes my brain wants something…spicy. I mean, spicy in musical meaning. Today is one of those days. I just feel that I need to post something special today. Let’s check it 😉 Here is Lemonship — experimental / jazz music trio from Portland, Oregon, and their track...