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Henry Green - All (artwork faeton music)

Henry Green – All (2020)

Hello, guys! Today I am happy to share with you one more beautiful song by Henry Green. This song is called “All”. You can also check his previous songs following the links below. As usual, we can hear a very pleasant voice and thoughtful arrangement. The song is perfectly...
1undread - I'm Alright (artwork faeton music)

1undread – I’m Alright (2020)

Hello, everybody! It’s Sunday again…I am totally lost in the days 🙂 Only one thing that is stable — music flow on this website. Let’s check the fresh track together. Here is 1undread — trip-hop music project from Bermuda, UK, and their fresh track “I’m Alright”. From the very...
Belle Sonder - How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head) (artwork faeton music)

Belle Sonder – How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head) (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂 Yesterday was a little pause in the music flow, but today I am here again with fresh stuff for your ears. Let’s go! Here is Belle Sonder — alternative / post-rock music project from Manchester, United Kingdom, and their fresh song “How Do You...
Lorcán - Falling In (artwork faeton music)

Lorcán – Falling In

Good evening, my friends. I am not sure if it’s sad because of the music, or the music because of the sadness…in any case, I’d like to share this wonderful music with you. Here is Lorcán — indie / slowcore music artist from Bristol, UK, and his song “Falling...
Dominic Wolf - Rise (artwork faeton music)1

Dominic Wolf – Rise (2020)

Hello! Almost a year ago I posted the track “Tainted Paradise” by Dominic Wolf. Today I am happy to share with you his fresh track “Rise”. Dominic Wolf — indie / electronic music produced from London, UK. It’s not just a single, but a whole album called “Only For...
Sawticide - We Came To Kill (artwork faeton music)

Sawticide – We Came To Kill (2020)

Hi, one more time for today 🙂 It’s fate probably, but today, in one of the most religiously great days of the year in Ukraine I am posting two incredibly heavy songs. Okay, just a coincidence probably… Here is Sawticide – thrash / death metal band from London, UK,...
George Gaudy - Mother (Reprise) (artwork faeton music)

George Gaudy – Mother (Reprise) (2020)

Hello! I still can’t believe how fast time goes by… Especially, when you’re sitting home for over two weeks in a row. But, fortunately, I have a time-machine (yes, I mean music surely). Today here is George Gaudy – psychedelic rock music artist from London, UK, and his song...
Sour Sync - Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (artwork faeton music)

Sour Sync – Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (2020)

Hello, guys! I have almost merged with my chair already… Beautiful spring outside, but I should (everybody actually) stay home. One good point here – I have an endless source of fresh music! And I am always trying to share some with you
KUSHI - Trippin (artwork faeton music)

KUSHI – Trippin (2020)

Hi there! Just FYI, I am very negatively tuned to any drugs (yes, I know that the LSD is psychedelic, but still the drug in my opinion). and to everything connected with it. Don’t do drugs ever! Since the drugs theme is not close to me, I will try...
Sonny Elliot - New Moon (artwork faeton music)

Sonny Elliot – New Moon (2020)

Hey-hey! Two years ago I posted one pretty nice song on this blog…it was this one: Sonny Elliot – Surrender. Truly good song! And today I have the honor to represent Sonny Elliot again! The previous song was much closer to the indie / psychedelic rock, but this one...
Sonnee - Here (artwork faeton music)

Sonnee – Here (2020)

Good morning 🙂 I am tired of this goddamn quarantine and fear of the fu*king virus! I hope you all doing well and any viruses can’t catch you. Sonnee – electronic music producer from Manchester, UK. Today I am here to show you the track entitled “Here”. Today it’s...