uk garage

Prizefight - Credit (artwork faeton music)

Prizefight – Credit (2021)

Hello 🙂 For a long time, there was no IDM music for some reason. Of course…it’s only up to my musical taste. I usually prefer a bit darker music…but today’s track hooked me a lot. Here is Scott Urwin a.k.a. Prizefight — electronic music artist Melbourne, Australia, and his...
Dawncall - Spearmint (artwork faeton music)

Dawncall – Spearmint (2020)

Hello, people! Today here is Dawncall — uk garage / future garage producer from Tel-Aviv, Israel, and the track “Spearmint”. Our lives seem like a roller-coaster. In one moment we are happy and having everything, and the next moment — alone and broken. This track is like a little...
The Micronaut - Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck) (artowrk faeton music)

The Micronaut – Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck) (2020)

Good evening! How you all doing? 🙂 Let’s start immediately! Here is The Micronaut — uk garage / electronica music producer from Leipzig, Germany, and his fresh track “Fencing” featuring Saskia Streck. The track is a mix of a bunch of genres in my opinion. There is indie electronic,...
Henry Green - Stay Here (Rohne Remix) (artwork faeton music)

Henry Green – Stay Here (Rohne Remix) (2019)

Hello. When you’re alone and no one around to back you up, then trust to the music. Music will never lie or hurt your feelings. It’s always beside you and can come for help any second. Today I want to represent to you very interesting and talanted artist from...
Fountain Child - As Dreams Are Made On (artwork faeton music)

Fountain Child – As Dreams Are Made On (2019)

Hi there. I have a friend, which will be pretty happy to hear this track (just because he really love future garage music). Tbh, I am also happy to hear it (just because it’s good). Incredibly atmospheric music with very recognizable for this kind of music beat. Vocal samples...