Ten Kills The Pack - Only Thinking of You (artwork faeton music)

Ten Kills The Pack – Only Thinking of You (2021)

Only a few days ago I’ve seen only white snow behind my window, but today it’s gone. We’re on the edge between winter and spring at this moment, which is a pretty nice time to listen to some calm music, and today I’ve got something calm, even a bit...
Fake Magic - Always Nice (artwork faeton music)

Fake Magic – Always Nice (2020)

Hi, my invisible friends on the other side of the internet 🙂 As usual, I am here to share something fresh and interesting with all of you. Let’s check what I have for you today… Here is Fake Magic — alternative rock music band from Toronto, Canada, and their...
Max Wassen - Getting High & Eating Stuff With Cream (artwork faeton music)

Max Wassen – Getting High & Eating Stuff With Cream (2019)

Good morning! Sometimes I want to become calm and not to worry about things around me. Some people using alcohol, somebody smoking weed… Since I don’t using anything at all, I have music for those purposes 😉 You may ask me – how? Easy-peasy! Check out this song and...

Foil of the Stars — The Fall Away (2018)

Hello. Yesterday was hard day…no, I not drinking at all, just was a lot of things to do 🙂 I’ve slept too long today. Maybe my organism needs some little recovery mode…too many hours in front of laptop monitor – is not a good idea. From the very first...

Pale Eyes — Worth the Sorrow (2016)

Hi there! Here I am, with the new music for you 🙂 Enjoy. Pale Eyes — experimental / indie pop / avant-pop music artist from Toronto, Canada. Pale Eyes on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp tumblr. Instagram YouTube Favorite

Commuted — All's Well That Ends Well (2015)

Hi. Noisy sounds of this album are hypnotizing me. Hope you like it 🙂 Commuted (David Eatock) — post-punk / shoegaze / indie music artist from Toronto, Canada. Commuted on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite