Board Of Bandits - Waiting By The Shore (artwork faeton music)

Board Of Bandits – Waiting By The Shore (2019)

Hello! First snow behind my window, and I am still here with my traditional big cup of hot black tea, and surely, fresh music for you guys πŸ™‚ Here is Board of Bandits with their new song “Waiting By The Shore”. As usual, you can check out previous posts...
FARIDA - LAST WALTZ (artwork faeton music)


Hi there! It’s raining again. Gray skies, gray buildings, gray people and gray mood. This track fits for this day ideally. Tbh, I like this kind of music a lot. Mostly because of its hypnotic vibes. Mix sounds like it’s happening in my head right now, and the music...
Board of Bandits - Soulmates (artwork faeton music)

Board of Bandits – Soulmates (2019)

Hey guys! It’s monday again πŸ™‚ Tbh, I don’t feel some big difference between weekend and weekdays…because I am working at home and I don’t need to go to office and sit there for a whole day. When I am hear music like this, I just want to close...