Board of Bandits - Dystopia (artwork faeton music)

Board of Bandits – Dystopia (2020)

Hello! I am pretty rarely visiting other cities…honestly, I am rarely visiting other streets of city I live in 😉 Anyways, yesterday I was in Lviv (played the gig with my band “nug”), and it was cool! I’ve received a lot of energy. But now I am home, sitting...
Bored Man Overboard - Spring Morning (artwork faeton music)

Bored Man Overboard – Spring Morning (2020)

Hey! In the last few days, my laptop and pc go crazy 🙂 This is the reason why posts are not regular… But I am doing my best and here we go, fresh stuff for your ears and brains! Today here is the post-rock / alternative rock / post-punk...
Simon Alexander - Fears (artwork faeton music)

Simon Alexander – Fears (2019)

Good morning. I am amazed by this song! I don’t even want to write some introduction…it’s just a musical diamond! Guys, seriously, just check this out, and you will understand my feelings about it. God bless his voice! Since I like to compare the music with other artists (it’s...
Board Of Bandits - Waiting By The Shore (artwork faeton music)

Board Of Bandits – Waiting By The Shore (2019)

Hello! First snow behind my window, and I am still here with my traditional big cup of hot black tea, and surely, fresh music for you guys 🙂 Here is Board of Bandits with their new song “Waiting By The Shore”. As usual, you can check out previous posts...
FARIDA - LAST WALTZ (artwork faeton music)


Hi there! It’s raining again. Gray skies, gray buildings, gray people and gray mood. This track fits for this day ideally. Tbh, I like this kind of music a lot. Mostly because of its hypnotic vibes. Mix sounds like it’s happening in my head right now, and the music...