My Friends House - Why Don't You Kiss Me? (artwork faeton music)

My Friends House – Why Don’t You Kiss Me? (2023)

Hello, friends! One more beautiful day of spring and one more wonderful song for your ears 🙂 Today here is My Friends House — indie / slowcore band from Provo, UT, US, and their fresh song “Why Don’t You Kiss Me?”. Let’s check it right away! This track perfectly...
fhae - heard (artwork faeton music)

fhae – heard (2023)

Hi, friends! As usual, I am here to share fresh music with you. Today here is fhae – experimental / folk music artist from Melbourne, Australia, and their song called “heard”. Let’s check it out! Even though the song is blurred with the “cathedral” reverb, it’s not cold at...
June Rosewell - Medicine (artwork faeton music)

June Rosewell – Medicine (2023)

Hey, folks! I hope you are all okay 🙂 I’m back to share one more wonderful song with you. This time here is June Rosewell — indie / folk music artist from Nashville, US, and her fresh song “Medicine”. Click “play” and let’s dive right in! The song’s mood...
Dawning - Wading Heron (artwork faeton music)

Dawning – Wading Heron (2022)

Hello, guys! While fucking russian naZis bombing civilian Ukrainians, I am trying to do something. At least, to share fresh good music from around the world with all of you. Today here is Dawning — slowcore / shoegaze music band from USA / Germany, and their fresh song “Wading...
Karl McCann - Like A Star (artwork faeton music)

Karl McCann – Like A Star (2021)

Hi, guys! We always want more…it doesn’t matter, more of what. More money, more joy, more sadness. It’s kinda human nature — to want more. Anyways, I will try to show you that sometimes less means much more than lots. Today here is Karl McCann – acoustic / sadcore...