Moon Panda - That Girl (artwork faeton music)

Moon Panda – That Girl (2019)

Hi there! In the middle of the work week, we all need some time to relax and clear mind from the garbage of daily life. Here I am with the musical “pill” to help you to do that right now 🙂 More than a year ago I was posted...
Mouse Dog Bird - Julie (artwork faeton music)

Mouse Dog Bird – Julie (2019)

Good morning. Winter is officially started. Last year I posted one very interesting project here, it was “Mouse Dog Bird”. And now I am doing it again, but with fresh music. From the very beginning of the song I figured out that this is incredibly sad and then I’ve...
Rapt - Lighthouse (artwork faeton music)

Rapt – Lighthouse (2019)

Good morning. Sometimes I need to stay alone for some time. Maybe to give myself an opportunity to be sad, maybe to clear my head and think about things. In any case, I need some music even for this situation. And I have a perfect music for this! Here...
night owls artwork faeton music

Night Owls – Tragically Human (2018)

Hello. Hope your friday is going well 🙂 This song tells us the story about some smoking boy…shame on me, but I am smoking too. Anyway, I can’t just listen to this song. Thoughts about the smoke that “crawling down my throat” appearing in my head all the time....

Mouse Dog Bird — Proverba Infero (2018)

Hello! From the very first sounds of this track I understood that this is what I need right now. Raw acoustic guitar with almost angelic voice and a lot of reverb making this song very deep and pleasant for my ears! I can imagine the dark but not scary...

maquinas — zolpidem (2015)

Hello people. This is the most calm music that I heard in the last time. Dirty sound, but it’s only make it better and interesting. maquinas — alternative / experimental / shoegaze / slowcore / noise rock band artist from Fortaleza, Brazil. maquinas on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Favorite