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Golden Plates - Double (artwork)

Golden Plates – Double

Hello 🙂 Good morning = good music on Faeton Music Blog. This tradition continuing since 2014, and will continue as far, as I am alive. Thanks for being in touch! Today here is very interesting song entitled “Double”, by “Golden Plates” – shoegaze / post-punk / alternative rock band...
Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution - The Abyss (artwork faeton music)

Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution – The Abyss (2020)

Hello. Today I’ve seen a dream… There was absolutely psychedelic atmosphere, and some weird things happening. Maybe it was a sign? Here we go! Psychedelic atmosphere comes to you 🙂 Here is the experimental / art-rock / post-rock band from Salt Lake City – Keepers of the Earth Peace...
Dawn Chorus - Crutch (artwork faeton music)

Dawn Chorus – Crutch (2019)

Hello. These guys was already posted here, but who cares, if the music is great? 🙂 If you still don’t know who is “Dawn Chorus”, then just click play and enjoy the music. Have a nice day! Previous posts: Dawn Chorus – Undone Soundcloud Spotify Instagram Twitter Favorite
Dawn Chorus - Undone (artwork faeton music)

Dawn Chorus – Undone

Hello! Since I like Pink Floyd and many other psychedelic bands, I really love this band and their music (at least this track) and definitely will watch them and listen their new stuff. Wish you the perfect day 🙂 Enjoy. Soundcloud Spotify Instagram Twitter Favorite
Andrew Goldring - Grey Divide (artwork faeton music)

Andrew Goldring – Grey Divide (2019)

Hi there! Tbh, I am not a big fan of this style of music. But this artist is incredible! I love it! Very pleasant voice and deep calm atmosphere. I have no more words. Just click “play” and… Enjoy. Website Facebook Soundlcoud Spotify Bandcamp Instagram Youtube Favorite