Yellow Shoots - Wonderful Day

Yellow Shoots – Wonderful Day (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂 Today I am here with one more wonderful artist – Yellow Shoots, and the song “Wonderful Day”. I’ve already posted his music here a few times (check out links below). And this time it’s also a pretty nice song. Let’s check it together. First...
Jon Santana x James Droll - Black Ivy (artwork faeton music)

Jon Santana – Black Ivy (feat. James Droll) (2020)

Hi! Another wonderful spring morning, and traditionally, one more beautiful track is here! Today here is a very beautiful and calm song “Black Ivy” by Jon Santana feat. James Droll. Both musicians are from Nashville, United States. In this composition beautiful literally everything! Starting from the voice and ending...
Katerinha - Trippin (artwork faeton music)

Katerinha – Trippin (2020)

Hello 🙂 I’ve lost count of the days and nights… Each of them is pretty the same as another one. There is only one thing which helps me to differentiate them – music. Another day – another music. Let’s check what we’ve got today! Here is Katerinha – neo-soul...
daste. - About Us (artwork faeton music)

daste. – About Us (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Once again, here is daste. – indie / downtempo / r&b band from Gold Coast, Australia. Today I want to represent to you their fresh track entitled “About Us”. Honestly, nothing changed in general. And why anything should change, if everything is perfect? Their music was...
Yellow Straps - Goldress (feat. VYNK) (artwork faeton music)

YellowStraps – Goldress (feat. VYNK) (2019)

Hi there! Hmm, two days in a row I have music from Belgium. Maybe it’s some kind of sign? But sign of what? Okay, okay, I’m just fooling around 🙂 Some time ago I’ve posted one very nice song by this band (check the link below), and today here...