Ramaj Eroc - The Omen (artwork faeton music)

Ramaj Eroc – The Omen (2021)

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I am back with a wonderful hip-hop track for you 🙂 Sometimes I just need to hear something dark and underground (exactly like this track by Ramaj Eroc). Btw, I’ve already posted on of his tracks called “Wishy Washy” in 2019. you...
Portland August - Song 1- Ebb (artwork faeton music)

Portland August – Song 1: Ebb (2021)

Hi guys! That was a pretty hard week… But today the sky is blue and the sun shining for me 🙂 Traditionally, I am here with fresh music in my pocket. Here is Portland August — psychedelic / cloud rap artist from Dallas, United States, and his track with...
Faeton Beats - 800hp (artwork faeton music)

Faeton Beats – 800hp (2021)

Hey guys! This post is pretty strange… As you all, probably, know, I play guitar in a post-metal band NUG, make ambient music under 58918012 alias, and now, I started to produce hip-hop beats as Faeton Beats. Because, why not, right? Check out the first released beat right now...
Netherwxrld - Let It Burn (Lay Back) (artwork faeton music)

Netherwxrld – Let It Burn (Lay Back) (2021)

Hey guys! Another day — another music 🙂 Today I am here to share with you a part of dark hip-hop vibe by Netherwxrld — a lo-fi hip-hop music project from Canterbury, United Kingdom, and their fresh track “Let It Burn (Lay Back)”. Let It Burn! First of all,...
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Here Lies (feat. Relic & Griffin) (artwork faeton music)

Paradox & DJ Sean P – Here Lies (f. Rel McCoy & Griffin) (2011)

Hey guys! How are things going? 🙂 For a pretty long time here was no hip-hop music, but today I will fix it with a portion of strong old-school hip-hop stuff! Paradox & DJ Sean P in da house with their track “Here Lies” (feat. Relic & Griffin). Let’s...