SimplyKaii Drowsyy (artwork faeton music)

SimplyKaii – Drowsyy (2023)

Hi guys! The spring is still struggling with the winter in Ukraine…but the light-day is already much longer 🙂 I have no complaints about any kind of weather though. I am here to share one interesting song with all of you. Today here is SimplyKaii — hip-hop music artist...
BLAME BO$ANOVUH - The Final Boss (feat MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C & Nobody The Initiate) (artwork faeton music)

BLAME BO$ANOVUH – The Final Boss (feat. MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C & Nobody The Initiate) (2022)

Hi guys! It’s pretty rare thing in general. But sometimes it’s really hard to say anything about music. Today is one of those days… Here is the track “The Final Boss” by BLAME BO$ANOVUH — hip-hop music artist from New York, US, featuring artists MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C and Nobody...
Reyn Hartley - Stackin' By The Plenty (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Stackin’ By The Plenty (2022)

Hi guys! Today is a day of veterans of my blog 🙂 I posted music by this artist a few times before. Today here is Reyn Hartley — hip-hop / rap music artist from New York, US. Let’s check what he prepared for us this time! Honestly, I didn’t...
Ramaj Eroc - The Omen (artwork faeton music)

Ramaj Eroc – The Omen (2021)

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I am back with a wonderful hip-hop track for you 🙂 Sometimes I just need to hear something dark and underground (exactly like this track by Ramaj Eroc). Btw, I’ve already posted on of his tracks called “Wishy Washy” in 2019. you...
Portland August - Song 1- Ebb (artwork faeton music)

Portland August – Song 1: Ebb (2021)

Hi guys! That was a pretty hard week… But today the sky is blue and the sun shining for me 🙂 Traditionally, I am here with fresh music in my pocket. Here is Portland August — psychedelic / cloud rap artist from Dallas, United States, and his track with...