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Phase Patterns - Phase One (artwork faeton music)

Phase Patterns – Phase One (2019)

Hello! We’re in the middle of the week, so somebody still can’t figure out what is going on here, but somebody already living in the future (I mean friday evening for sure). Here is the track for those of you, who still can’t figure out 🙂 Well, just kidding!...
Lost Woods - Eau Rouge (artwork faeton music)

Lost Woods – Eau Rouge (2019)

Hello. I remember the first feeling when I first time heard Porcupine Tree… It was such as: “Wow! Damn, how didn’t I heard it before?”. Why do I talking about it now? Well, this song by Lost Woods (band from Adelaide, Australia) touched some memories in my head. Though...
CHARIVARI - LOTUS EATER (artwork faeton music)


Good morning. Sometimes I feel that I need some space to stay alone and clear my mind from the garbage thoughts. They’re always accumulating somewhere in my head and makes my brain overload… So, I just need to put them out, or sort at least sort them by their...
Blushing - So Many (artwork faeton music)

Blushing – So Many (2019)

Hi everyone! Today, I have something special for you (well, as usual actually). This time here is band called “Blushing” from Austin, Texas. They making amazing stuff in styles like shoegaze, post-rock, dreampop, indie rock, alternative, and many other. Everything is mixed into the musical coctail that sounds absolutely...
the(rest) - thin (artwork faeton music)

the(rest) – thin (2019)

Hey-hey! Are you ready for the fresh music? 🙂 I don’t like to type the tags and styles for the music, but I am do it a lot (because of the blog, obvious). Sometimes music is just a music and no need to say: “this is a post-rock, or...

Ethemeral – Blood Among Jewels (2019)

Hello! How’s your monday? 🙂 If your mind is still can’t believe that weekend is over, then you definitely need to check this track out! It will take you into the world of calm and balance. I really dig it! Hope you will enjoy it as I do. Have... — ​eldfjall (2015)

Good evening, for the good ambient music 🙂 Wish you have a great atmosphere with this record. meanwhile​.​in​.​texas — electronic / experimental / ambient / drone music artist from Brindisi, Italy. Previous posts about meanwhile​.​in​.​texas on FM blog: MEANWHILE​.​IN​.​TEXAS — MEANWHILE.IN.TEXAS (2014) meanwhile​.​in​.​texas on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp...

meanwhile​.​in​.​texas — (2014)

Good evening. I love ambient albums like this one. I can listen it all night long. Very atmospheric music. meanwhile​.​in​.​texas — electronic / experimental / ambient / drone music artist from Brindisi, Italy. meanwhile​.​in​.​texas on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram Favorite

Arms and Sleepers — Swim Team (album 2014)

Hello! New album from amazing Arms and Sleepers! Just press play! Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/electronic/trip-hop/post-rock duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME). Arms and Sleepers on the web: Official Site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp LastFM Myspace Youtube Twitter Favorite