Flattery - Personalism (artwork faeton music)

Flattery – Personalism (2020)

Hello 🙂 As usual, here I am with the portion of fresh and interesting music for you! Click “play” and let’s check it together! Here is Flattery — dreampop music project from Philadelphia, United States, with the song “Personalism”. Atmospheric, calm, and incredibly light song with beautiful voice and...
Saint Nomad - Nothing To Lose (artwork faeton music)

Saint Nomad – Nothing To Lose (2020)

Hello again 🙂 If you would know, how it’s boring to write pretty similar things about each song… It’s happening because all songs here are good. For sure, each track has its own character, but in general – they’re all are good music. One more post for today and...
Bronze Whale, Poles - Hold. Wait. Fall. (artwork faeton music)

Bronze Whale – Hold. Wait. Fall. (2020)

Hi there! Music – is a thing where we MUST go against rules sometimes 🙂 SInce I don’t like autotuned vocals in music, I am usually not posting music with autotunage. Today’s track is one of those exceptions, when autotune used so gently and thoughtful, so I want it...
Monoply - Origin (artwork faeton music)

Monoply – Origin (2020)

Hi, guys! I’m trying to write something nice, but my brain, obviously, tuned to some other mood at this moment. So, today’s post will be without my “intro”. but who cares, right? If you are here, then you want to listen to the fresh music 🙂 Here is the...