Alergeek — Here, Have My Brain (2015)

Hello! I started my day from Alergeek‘s beats and it’s made my day! Strongly recommended to listen. Powerful beats. Enjoy! Alergeek — hip-hop / beats / electronica / experimental music artist from Poland. Alergeek on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Twitter Instagram LastFM Favorite

MIRO SOUNDS LIKE A MOVIE — Live on the Rooftop (2013)

MSLAM — Ambient / Soundtrack / Experimental / Post-Rock / Instrumental is an artist Miro Kepinski from Poland. His latest project was co-created with world-class musicians and sound engineer Maor Appelbaum, legendary New York producer Kramer and Dokaka, who worked on Bjork’s Medulla. This new project by Miro is...

Dead Factory — Nachtmusik (2013)

The last post for today is Dead Factory. Great dark ambient/industrial/drone project from Katowice (Poland). As I told you, my love to dark/drone/ambient music is universal scale, so I know a lot about this. And this artist from Poland, in my opinion, is one of the best artists in...