Lemonship - BC33 (artwork faeton music)

Lemonship – BC33 (2020)

Good morning. Sometimes my brain wants something…spicy. I mean, spicy in musical meaning. Today is one of those days. I just feel that I need to post something special today. Let’s check it 😉 Here is Lemonship — experimental / jazz music trio from Portland, Oregon, and their track...
The Secret Whistle - Creaks (artwork faeton music)

The Secret Whistle – Creaks (2019)

Hi there. I am lazy af right now. Probably it’s because of that damn heat outside (tbh, it’s fuc*ing hot even in my room). But I am not hating this, I’m just trying to deal with it using my own methods. One of them is – cold fruits in...

Látlaus Ský — The End of Sorrow (2014)

Good evening. As you all know, I love ambient music. This project is very special and interesting for me (and for you, I hope). I don’t want to type anymore. You just must listen it. I recommend to listen full album on Bandcamp (all links are below) 🙂 Enjoy....

Palo Sopraño — Blue Honey (2016)

Good evening everyone. Check out this soft album. Music to my ears 🙂 Palo Sopraño — experimental rock / indie / shoegaze music artist from Oregon, US. Listen full album on his soundcloud page (links are below). Palo Sopraño on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram YouTube Favorite

Coastlands — Western Skies (2016)

Good day! I am here to show you this great post-rock band from Portland. Enjoy 🙂 Coastlands — post-rock / instrumental / downtempo band from Portland, Oregon. Coastlands on the web: Official website Facebook Bandcamp Instagram Favorite