Clubhouse - Anywhere You Go (artwork faeton music)

Clubhouse – Anywhere You Go (2020)

Hello everyone 🙂 Beautiful Saturday morning. I am hurrying to share some music with you. Just because I want to. Let’s go! Today here is “Clubhouse” – indie pop music band from Columbus, Ohio, US, and their fresh song entitled “Anywhere You Go” (information for those people, who didn’t...
J. Brooks Rice - Acid Bath (Night) (artwork faeton music)

J. Brooks Rice – Acid Bath (Night) (2019)

Good morning. I like to fall asleep with an ambient music as a background. Actually, ambient is one of my favorite genres of music. It’s music of feelings and imagination. You had a bad day? Not a problem, turn on some ambient music, lay down and free your mind...
FLOCKS - CNX (artwork faeton music)

FLOCKS – CNX (2019)

Good morning! It’s time for interesting music 🙂 Since I am a musician, I am creating the music with m band. And one of the most interesting parts of creation is the final part, when we are working on detailing (some little pauses, accents, harmony changes, rhytmical modulations). Based...