Mikael Johnson - Acid Afternoon (artwork faeton music)

Mikael Johnson – Acid Afternoon (2019)

Good morning! Saturday is a perfect time to party 🙂 But since it’s morning now, I will help you to prepare your brain and body to the club. Techno music is my weak spot. I really can listen to the good techno (like this one) over and over again....

Marius — BAGATELLE (2018)

Good morning! Sometimes we all going crazy, right? If you need perfect music for that case, you’re in the right place 🙂 But I don’t mean that the track is bad or something…no, it’s very good conversely! I am listening to it again and again and can’t stop at...

Lerin / Hystad — Amaterasu (2015)

Hi there! Weird sounds for the weird snowy spring 🙂 Lerin / Hystad — Swedish/Norwegian electronic / experimental / drone / free jazz music project. You can listen their previous album there: LERIN / HYSTAD — MOUNT BUZHOU (2013) Enjoy! Lerin / Hystad on the web: Extemporaneous Recordings site...

Hanne Kolsto — Stillness and Panic (2013)

Sunday is the best day for music like Hanne Kolsto. Without unnecessary emotions, regardless of the weather, Hanne Kolsto sing her songs and making me as if I dive into the pink syrup. Check it out! Hanne Kolsto on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud LastFM Favorite