58918012 - Away (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Away (2020)

Hey guys! I am pretty happy to represent to you my new EP entitled “Away”. This EP was created during the quarantine, inspired by loneliness and nature. Pretty deep and pleasant sounds of urban and nature, mixed together with lush ambient pads. Just check this out 😉 Have a...
sleep trip logo

Sleep trip music channel

Hello! Yes, yes, you all know how much I love ambient music 🙂 So, I started new channel, dedicated specifically to ambient music. Go ahead and subscribe and enjoy perfect ambient music 🙂 Have a nice day 😉 Favorite
Drosophila - Bad Thread (artwork faeton music)

Drosophila – Bad Thread (2019)

Hello! Here I am with fresh stuff for your ears and brains. I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve always had some kind of addiction to techno music (especially its acid segment). Today here is Drosophila – electronic music producer from Denver, Colorado, US, and the track called “Bad...
Russian Baths - Responder (artwork faeton music)

Russian Baths – Responder (2019)

Hello! As usual, in the rays of the morning sun, I am here to let you begin the day with fresh music! Today’s track came from our good friends, band called Russian Baths. As usual, underground atmosphere and post-punk vibes with some noisy guitars and wonderful vocal. This is...
Nossiennes - Dynamite Heart (artwork faeton music)

Nossiennes – Dynamite Heart (2019)

Hey, what’s up? Do you like an underground and dirty sounds? If your answer is “yes”, then you’re lucky! Today I am happy to have here strong shoegaze / post-punk band from Bristol – “Nossiennes” and their song “Dynamite Heart”. Thru the pretty noisy wall of sound which falling...
Muuk - Seis Ausente (artwork faeton music)

Muuk – Seis Ausente (2019)

Hello! A long time ago (15.01.2015) debut album of this band was posted on my blog. And 4 years later I have a honor to post Muuk’s music again. If you like some soft and smooth music, then you can skip this post, because here is an experimental rock...
CHARIVARI - LOTUS EATER (artwork faeton music)


Good morning. Sometimes I feel that I need some space to stay alone and clear my mind from the garbage thoughts. They’re always accumulating somewhere in my head and makes my brain overload… So, I just need to put them out, or sort at least sort them by their...
drainabyte - lost at sea (artwork faeton music)

drainabyte – lost at sea (2019)

Hello, my dears! Today I will ask you to prepare your ears for something extraordinary. Here is an artist from Milan, Italy. His name is Andrea, but he working under pseudonym drainabyte. And today I will represent to you track called “lost at sea”. A lot of genres are...
Intenso - Prophets of No God (artwork faeton music)

Intenso – Prophets of No God (2019)

Hello! Today’s track is absolutely special! You may think that this is just a bunch of random sounds and non-musical noises, but it’s too far away from the truth. If you’ll try to open your mind and to listen to it with your heart and soul, then you will...
daisy - Cuts 388 (artwork faeton music)

daisy – Cuts 388 (2019)

Hello. I like to go crazy a little sometimes… No, I am not totally crazy. It’s just like free my inner craziness that is accumulated inside and wanting to get out some time. This track is a perfect soundtrack for one of those days, when you don’t wanna wake...