noise rock

Russian Baths - Responder (artwork faeton music)

Russian Baths – Responder (2019)

Hello! As usual, in the rays of the morning sun, I am here to let you begin the day with fresh music! Today’s track came from our good friends, band called Russian Baths. As usual, underground atmosphere and post-punk vibes with some noisy guitars and wonderful vocal. This is...
CHARIVARI - LOTUS EATER (artwork faeton music)


Good morning. Sometimes I feel that I need some space to stay alone and clear my mind from the garbage thoughts. They’re always accumulating somewhere in my head and makes my brain overload… So, I just need to put them out, or sort at least sort them by their...
Intenso - Prophets of No God (artwork faeton music)

Intenso – Prophets of No God (2019)

Hello! Today’s track is absolutely special! You may think that this is just a bunch of random sounds and non-musical noises, but it’s too far away from the truth. If you’ll try to open your mind and to listen to it with your heart and soul, then you will...
Russian Baths - Tracks (artwork faeton music)

Russian Baths – Tracks (2019)

Hi there! Sometimes I need some time to be alone on my own and even better if the skyes is gray and clouds are crying. This stimulate understanding that the life is not only blue skies and sunny days, but it has also another side, which is not bad...
CHARIVARI - APHOTIC (artwork faeton music)


Hi there! Here I am again, with fresh stuff for your ears and brain 🙂 Today it’s a little bit noisy and, if you want, even gray… When I am listening to this track, it’s putting me into some modern and gray megapolise, where people, vehicles and buildings blended...

Russian Baths — Black Cross (2018)

Hello! I think all of you sometimes feels like an alien on the street and people around you looking on you, like you’re an crazy (or you just think so).Okay, maybe it’s just my own problem 🙂 Anyway, when you listen to this track in your headphones, you can...

Twin Haus — Nothing Lavish (2016)

Hi guys! So fu*king atmospheric and soft music… It’s very close to Radiohead, sometimes I even starting to forget that I listening another band 🙂 These guys are great. Just listen. Twin Haus — psychedelic / noise / rock / alternative music band from Brisbane, Australia. Twin Haus on...

maquinas — zolpidem (2015)

Hello people. This is the most calm music that I heard in the last time. Dirty sound, but it’s only make it better and interesting. maquinas — alternative / experimental / shoegaze / slowcore / noise rock band artist from Fortaleza, Brazil. maquinas on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Favorite

Muuk — Muuk (album 2014)

Buenas! Muuk — experimental rock / ambient rock / electronic rock / instrumental rock / noise rock / krautrock is an independent music band from Mexico City. Muuk on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Favorite