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BAKERY β€” We Sea (2016)

Hello folks! I am addicted to this track πŸ™‚ Check this out. BAKERY β€” psych / trip / blues – hop band from Berlin, Germany. BAKERY on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Vimeo Instagram Favorite

Memory In Plant β€” Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd Cover 2015)

Hi everyone! Our good friends β€” band Memory in Plant just released cover version of Pink Floyd’s Astronomy Domine. Check this out! As for me β€” it’s great. Hope you like it. Memory In Plant β€” psychedelic / progressive / indie rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel. Older posts...

Monuments & Statues β€” Oh, Great Rose! (Single 2014)

Hi people! Monuments & Statues β€” folk / pop music artist from Kingston, Canada. Good folk folks. Really good. Remainds me about old times… The single follows the 2013 release of “Red Dress,” and precedes the band’s forthcoming debut full length record Fractals, due out in February 2015. Monuments...

THE CABANA KIDS β€” Just Let Me Know (single 2014)

That sweet sound… mmm… hipsters recommended! THE CABANA KIDS β€” Indie Rock / Indie Pop / Surf Rock is a boy/girl band singing on matters of the heart from New York, USA. THE CABANA KIDS on the web: Facebook Twitter Instagram Favorite