new music

Mushroom People — LOWWS (2018)

Good morning. Maybe not so good as I wanted (I had tooth aches whole night…actually still ache) I woke up at 6AM! Fu*k, I hate that feeling! Anyway, it’s friday and I need try to relax and be thankful to the universe for everything I have 🙂 This track...


Hi there. One of my favourite musical genres — ambient. Here is a good example of ambient music. It’s takes me somewhere out of my physical body (no I don’t going crazy, I just flying away without any dope). Enjoy 🙂 MAbH — ambient / experimental / electronic music artist...

Feinman — Sweetworld 2 (2015)

Hello people. Are you ready? Really? Ok, let’s go 😉 Feinman — experimental / electronic / techno and a bunch of many genres music producer from New York, US. Feinman on the web: House Pet Records on Facebook Bandcamp Favorite

Little King — My Friend (album 2014)

Hello! Little King — Acoustic / Chamber is an interesting music band from NY, USA. The band currently locate in Brooklyn. Little King was started almost 2 years ago with 2 vocalists, clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass. They’ve been playing regularly around the Brooklyn/Manhattan and have toured throughout New...

Animaux Surround — Château​-​Fantôme (EP 2014)

Hi there! Animaux Surround — electronic / france electro / indie pop is Isidore Hibou, a music artist from Paris, France. Animaux Surround on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Favorite

Play Fortune — West We Eat, We Feed (EP 2014)

YO! Some new stuff! Play Fortune — hip-hop / electronic / rap / underground hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop is Cory Wilson. He is a Hip-Hop and Electronic producer from Philadelphia, Pa. Play Fortune on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Arms and Sleepers — Swim Team (album 2014)

Hello! New album from amazing Arms and Sleepers! Just press play! Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/electronic/trip-hop/post-rock duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME). Arms and Sleepers on the web: Official Site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp LastFM Myspace Youtube Twitter Favorite

John Sleeper — Sleeplist (playlist 2014)

Hello! John Sleeper — indie / electronic is a musician and artist from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Just want to share with you cool music from funny guy and my friend Ivan Seniuk. He is also a bass player in band called Pur:Pur. You can check it out! John Sleeper on...

Monuments & Statues — Oh, Great Rose! (Single 2014)

Hi people! Monuments & Statues — folk / pop music artist from Kingston, Canada. Good folk folks. Really good. Remainds me about old times… The single follows the 2013 release of “Red Dress,” and precedes the band’s forthcoming debut full length record Fractals, due out in February 2015. Monuments...

Rendezvous — Dragon Without a Flame (single 2014)

Hello! Rendezvous — Electronica / Instrumental / Electro-Pop / Alternative Rock is an duo of Hagai Izenberg and Itai Simonmusic from Israel. This is such a fresh sounding! Perfect work! Waiting for upcoming album (keep in touch). Bye) Rendezvous on the web: Official Website Facebook YouTube Twitter Bandcamp Favorite

David Strother — Azul (ep preview 2014)

Hello! Some interesting, experimental music for everyone! David Strother — electronic / experimental / fringe jazz / atmospheric is a music artist from Montrose, CA. David’s playing has also been featured in both film and televison, including David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” and “The Rookie” and the Nickelodeon animated...

Brika — Options (single 2014)

Watzzz up! Good news! A beautiful female vocalist have just released her new single! Congratulation! Brika — pop / trip-hop / electronic music project from Miami (US). Also U can check up previous post about Brika HERE Brika on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Twitter iTunes YouTube Instagram...