Giek_1 - Hardest Storm (artwork faeton music)

Giek_1 – Hardest Storm (2020)

Hey, guys! Good morning 🙂 I am not sure about all of you, but I like to listen to music from parallel reality sometimes. And today I have something pretty cosmic for you. Let’s check it together! Giek_1 – ambient pop / dream pop (and a lot of other...
Tera Kòrá & Youp - Walls (feat. Thierry Ganz) (artwork faeton music)

Tera Kòrá & Youp – Walls (feat. Thierry Ganz) (2019)

Good morning 🙂 Sunny summer is going to the end, but good music on Faeton Music Blog is almost eternal! So, here I am with one more musical masterpiece. This time it’s track entitled “Walls”, by Rotterdam based neo-soul / r&b / pop music producer Tera Kòrá. The music...
The Tailors - Different Roads (artwork faeton music)

The Tailors – Different Roads (2019)

Good morning 🙂 Usually I am listening a bunch of different music, from ambient to depressive black. But good electronic music was always one of my favorite genres of music. When I hear tracks like this, I feel an energy inside of my body. And even if I am...
De Kraken Me And The King - Senseless (artwork faeton music)

De Kraken Me And The King – Senseless (2019)

Hello! Thursday is a day between weekend and work week (because friday feels like already weekend), and everybody preparing to relax and get rid of the daily routine. Well, here you go! This track will definitely help you to start forget about job and any annoying stuff 🙂 Enjoy....