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The Crytearions — Selected Recordings From The Album Trilogy (2016)

Howdy! I think this is the most fun album that I heard during this month. If you like dirty and noisy sounds, similar to demo tapes from early 90s, then this album is you choise 🙂 Nice album. Enjoy. The Crytearions — garage / punk / lo-fi / post-punk...

DJ NIZZY NICK — ウルトラEspairecendo flip サンプル 音楽 week 102 (2016)

Hey folks! Someone of you, guys, loves cloud rap and some experimental hip-hop stuff i guess. If it’s right, then you should be satisfied. Enjoy. DJ NIZZY NICK — cloud rap / experimental / hip-hop / beats music producer from Teeswater, Ontario, Canada. DJ NIZZY NICK on the web:...

Cry Monster Cry – Old At Heart (Official Music Video 2016)

Hello. This video made my day! Enjoy! Cry Monster Cry — acoustic / country / irish band from Dublin, Ireland. Cry Monster Cry on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Spotify iTunes YouTube .tumblr Twitter Instagram Favorite

Arms and Sleepers — Swim Team (album 2014)

Hello! New album from amazing Arms and Sleepers! Just press play! Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/electronic/trip-hop/post-rock duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME). Arms and Sleepers on the web: Official Site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp LastFM Myspace Youtube Twitter Favorite

Keisei — Borg Brain (debute track 2014)

Keiser — trip-hop / electronic / chill is solo project by Sean Glaze from LA, USA. U must check this artist, some good, sad trip-hop for rainy weather. Stay tunned, `cause this artist would release first EP soon. Have a nice day! Keiser on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Gmail...

MIRO SOUNDS LIKE A MOVIE — Live on the Rooftop (2013)

MSLAM — Ambient / Soundtrack / Experimental / Post-Rock / Instrumental is an artist Miro Kepinski from Poland. His latest project was co-created with world-class musicians and sound engineer Maor Appelbaum, legendary New York producer Kramer and Dokaka, who worked on Bjork’s Medulla. This new project by Miro is...

Skalpel — Simple (2014)

Wazzzap! SKALPEL in da house! …again) Skalpel — jazz, acid jazz, nu jazz, downtempo, ninja tune are two Dj`s – Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudło, from Wrocław, Poland. New album from monsters of acid jazz. If youre interested in jazz or in all music don`t pass by this post!...

FKA twigs – Two Weeks (Official Video 2014)

Hey-Hey! FKA twigs — electronic / dream pop / art pop / avant pop / trip-hop is a musicial band from UK. Beautifull. Sexy. Fresh. Her sweet vocal make me so relaxed. I bacame a fan of FKA twigs! I watched this video about 10 times, than said: “WOW!”,...

Daryl Donald — Kept (EP 2014)

Hi everybody! I`m here again) Daryl Donald — aesthetics hip-hop, hip-hop/rap is an musician from Edinburgh, Scotland. He makes mellow emotive hip-hop instrumentals. I`ve just bought a bicycle and I`m listening this EP while riding it. Cool stuff. Daryl Donald on the web: Bandcamp Twitter Soundcloud YouTube Favorite