Defamed - Wounds (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Wounds (2020)

Hey! Monday is a hard day for most people, so I am here to add a little bit of heaviness of metal music to this day πŸ™‚ You all, probably, already know this band… Here is one more song by Defamed β€” deathcore band from Milan, Italy, entitled “Wounds”....
Defamed - Aeon (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Aeon (2020)

Hey! Did you miss heavy stuff? Then you’re in the right place! I’ve got a bit of heaviness for you, my friends πŸ™‚ Let’s check it out! First of all, here is Defamed β€” deathcore / djent band from Milan, Italy. Actually, this song is a crazy mix of...
LORD GASP - Close Your Eyes and It Might Pass (prod. Plague) (artwork faeton music)

LORD GASP – Close Your Eyes and It Might Pass (prod. Plague) (2020)

Hey guys! Yesterday in the evening, while I prepared this post, I’ve had a goddamn headache. But this track is so fucking massive that I just couldn’t stop to do it πŸ™‚ The energy from the track filled my body and here I am with the fresh hip-hop music...
Divide and Dissolve - We Are Really Worried About You (artwork faeton music)

Divide and Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You (2020)

Well, today I don’t want to write any introductions… I just want you to click “play” button right now and then continue to read (if you want to). Here is Divide and Dissolve β€” doom / drone metal band from Melbourne, Australia, and their fresh composition “We Are Really...
Defamed - Doves (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Doves (2020)

How’s your week started? In case, you hate Mondays, I have a track to throw off your anger away. Today here is one more powerful song by Defamed (a deathcore / djent band from Milan, Italy). The song is called “Doves”. Check their previous track following the link below...
DENSE - Dread (artwork faeton music)

DENSE – Dread (2020)

Hello, guys! Almost a year ago I posted here one pretty interesting band from Leeds, UK, called “Dense”. Today they’re back with the fresh music and this time here is their song “Dread”. Let’s dive into it! Sometimes music shouldn’t include blastbeats, guttural growls, or incredibly fast guitar riffs...