Life is Better Blonde - My God Is Not Going To Like You (artwork faeton music)

Life is Better Blonde – My God Is Not Going To Like You (2019)

Hi everyone! I’ve seen a dream today. There was a very beautiful girl, but she always running away every time I’ve tried to come close to her. But a dream was pretty pleasant πŸ™‚ When I first time listened to this song, I was shocked! This is goddamn amazing...
Bollard - On & on (artwork faeton music)

Bollard – On & on (2019)

Hey-hey! How you doing? πŸ™‚ I’ve seen the traditional ukrainian wedding today. Tbh, not the first time, but you know what? Today I finally made sure that the wedding is one of the most stupid and senseless things people made ever! But while in my speakers playing good music...

The Good Minus β€” Wonderful (2018)

Hi there. I don’t even know, what can I say about this band and their music. But in any case I love it so much! Very interesting musical material. The main harmony is looped, but it’s not boring…the melody is very calm and pleasant and almost hypnotic, so I...

Benji Lewis β€” DEEP BLUE (2018)

Hello! And again Australia gave us a great music πŸ™‚ My thoughts are little bit blurry today in some reason, but this track is a stimulus to get sharpness back into my mind! Pleasant voice, good beat, minimalistic arrangement, long story short β€” music made with the soul. As...

LLORIENT. β€” i d k y (2018)

Hey! Here is one more piece of the interesting music (at least in my opinion). I like to hear underground stuff, just like this one. Weird drum pattern, guitars drowning in the reverb and voice of the man that almost sleep…every detail creates the unique sound of this track....

bullsof96 β€” Spring Mixtape (2015)

Hi there! Do you want to relax after work day/week/year? This is exactly what you’re looking for. bullsof96 (Bulls of Ninety Six) β€” electronic / downtempo / chill music producer from Melbourne, Australia. Don’t forget to listen full mixtape! bullsof96 on the web: Soundcloud Favorite

Andrew Beresford β€” IDRB​/​EP (2015)

Good evening. A little bit of crazy techno beats from Australia. Be careful, this stuff may blow your brain πŸ™‚ Enjoy. Andrew Beresford β€” electronic / techno / experimental music producer from Melbourne, Australia. Andrew Beresford on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite