Morcheeba - Sounds Of Blue (artwork faeton music)

Morcheeba – Sounds Of Blue (2021)

Hey guys! Today I have something pretty special for you 😉 As you already understood here is Morcheeba — trip-hop / electronic music band from London, UK, and their fresh track “Sounds Of Blue”, which is the first single from the forthcoming album “Blackest Blue” (release date is April...
Belle Ford - Cat Call (artwork faeton music)

Belle Ford – Cat Call (2021)

Hi there! How things going? 🙂 Well, on my side (at least from the musical perspective) everything is great! That’s because I found one more diamond in the endless ocean of the world’s modern musical scene! Okay…maybe that was not me, I am here just to share it with...
Marz Fay - Sunsets and Beaches (artwork faeton music)

Marz Fay – Sunsets and Beaches (2020)

Hey guys! Winter is finally here 🙂 I don’t know, maybe for some people it’s pretty unpleasant news…but I love any season, especially when I have fresh music in my “pocket”. I am here to try to bring you some good vibes thru the music
ANDRÆ - Scarlet (artwork faeton music)

ANDRÆ – Scarlet (2020)

Hi, friends! Some time ago I posted here one pretty nice song called “I don’t fall I crash” by UK based artist ANDRÆ (maybe somebody remembers). So, today I am here to share his fresh song entitled “Scarlet”, off the new EP which also released today. Strongly recommend to...
4am Kru - We Run Things (feat. Dondeman) (artwork faeton music)

4am Kru – We Run Things (feat. Dondeman) (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Traditionally, I am here with fresh music for your ears! Yesterday I got a bunch of warm congrats from my people…that was amazing! Thank you all, guys! Let’s check the music. I don’t know why, but I didn’t hear good old-school jungle / drum & bass...
Mopher Crook - Oh my son (artwork faeton music)

Mopher Crook – Oh my son (2020)

Hey guys! How you doing? Sometimes I really want to listen to something easy and carefree…you know, just not to think about any routine. This song is exactly what I need at similar moments. To your attention, Mopher Crook — indie / psychedelic music artist from London, UK, and...
Dominic Wolf - Rise (artwork faeton music)1

Dominic Wolf – Rise (2020)

Hello! Almost a year ago I posted the track “Tainted Paradise” by Dominic Wolf. Today I am happy to share with you his fresh track “Rise”. Dominic Wolf — indie / electronic music produced from London, UK. It’s not just a single, but a whole album called “Only For...