Subculture - The River Bend (artwork faeton music)

Subculture – The River Bend (2019)

Hi there! How you guys doing today? How’s your work week? What do you thing about Tool’s new album? If all these questions has no sense to you today, then I have something special for your ears! Ready? My goodness, I’m in love! This track is something amazing. Each...
Dominic Wolf - Tainted Paradise (artwork faeton music)

Dominic Wolf – Tainted Paradise (2019)

Hello. Every morning I am posting the fresh music from around the world, and each time it’s like an ancient ritual for me. It’s making me happy. I feel that I am doing something important for the world. Okay, maybe it sounds a little bit too much…but I really...
Hugo Cottu - For All I Know (artwork faeton music)

Hugo Cottu – For All I Know (2019)

Hello! I’ve seen a dream today. About trains. I even don’t remember exactly what it was. But I woke up with the best mood for a few recent days. This song is only gave me more confidence in our beautiful world 🙂 When I am listening to this track...