58918012 - Signals (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Signals (2021)

Hey guys! The spring is here. Nature starting to wake up. For the last few months, I worked hard on my new album, and finally, it’s here! I am pretty excited to represent to all of you my new full-length album entitled “Signals”. In this release, I used a...
Wabisabi - Think About Me (artwork faeton music)

Wabisabi – Think About Me (2021)

Hi guys! I like when music is coming back to me after some time. I mean, when I am posting more than one track of the artist here. It’s kinda evidence of the fact that musicians believe in their do and making music no matter what. Today here is...
The Malibu BeachBand - The Beach : The End (artwork faeton music)

The Malibu BeachBand – The Beach / The End (2021)

Good morning, friends 🙂 My musical preferences are always waving from incredibly heavy stuff to ambient and back… Today I’ve got a wonderful song by The Malibu BeachBand — The Beach / The End. I’ve already posted their music, you can check it following the links below. The song...
58918012 - Time Warp (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Time Warp (2021)

“Time Warp” is my first release of 2021. It’s just my vision of already well-known songs by Radiohead (Street Spirit), Cannibal Corpse (Gallery of Suicide), and The Prodigy (Claustrophobic Sting). I think you all know these tracks. I’ve tried to bring my fingertips into their music, but at the...
Marz Fay - Sunsets and Beaches (artwork faeton music)

Marz Fay – Sunsets and Beaches (2020)

Hey guys! Winter is finally here 🙂 I don’t know, maybe for some people it’s pretty unpleasant news…but I love any season, especially when I have fresh music in my “pocket”. I am here to try to bring you some good vibes thru the music
Your Friend, Ghost - Smokers (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Smokers (2020)

Good morning 🙂 The guys I want to post here today is some kind of legionaries of Faeton Music Blog. Just check the links below and you will figure everything out. Let’s got ahead to the current song! Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about it… They,...
Lorcán - Falling In (artwork faeton music)

Lorcán – Falling In

Good evening, my friends. I am not sure if it’s sad because of the music, or the music because of the sadness…in any case, I’d like to share this wonderful music with you. Here is Lorcán — indie / slowcore music artist from Bristol, UK, and his song “Falling...
Loden - We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (artwork faeton music)

Loden – We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (2020)

Hello folks! Without any long lyrical introduction. Let’s jump right into it! Here is Loden — electronic music producer from Brussels, Belgium, and the track “We Left The Colony, Sans Regret”. First of all, the track sounds pretty original and unusual for me. I’ve heard a lot of trip-hop...
Great Wave - Friend Of The Season (artwork faeton music)

Great Wave – Friend Of The Season (2020)

Good morning 🙂 A new week only started, but I am already totally relaxed… I feel the steps of the summer and I am pretty happy about it! And today’s song is helping me to stay away from the outer worlds and its routine. Here is “Great Wave” –...
Platch - Odinakovo (artwork faeton music)

Platch – Odinakovo (2020)

Good morning, folks! I don’t know why, but songs on Ukrainian or Russian is extremely rare on my blog. But today one of those lucky cases, when I totally understand all lyrics in the song posted. Let’s check this out! Here is Platch – electronicc / experimental music project...