lo-fi house

Father Sheed - Nvr Loved U (artwork faeton music)

Father Sheed – Nvr Loved U (2019)

Hello! Here I am again 🙂 Today it’s gonna be a house music. Not just regular house for the club party, but lo-fi house for the good rest for your body and brain. Artist called Father Sheed, with the real name of Nick Jamshidi from Austin, United States. Strong...
HeartWerk - Pholos (artwork faeton music)

HeartWerk – Pholos (original mix) (2019)

Hey people! Since I was djing some time ago, I really love good electronic music and I know how should it sound like. And if you ask me – how? I will give you a short and quick answer – like this track! Just click play button and dive...
midnight - Promethium Reprise (artwork faeton music)

midnight – Promethium Reprise (2019)

Hi guys! One more day of our life is already came. I’d like not to waste it and get as much experience as possible. Wish you the same! Now about music… Mix sounds very soft and even some little shortfall of hight frequencies, as for me, but it’s only...