Cormorant Tree Oh - The Cave (artwork faeton music)

Cormorant Tree Oh – The Cave (2022)

Hi, friends! I totally love music with some ethnic sounds and vibes. Not always, but sometimes it’s just hooks me so much! Today I am here with one of those tracks with ethnic shades that shot me right in my heart. Here is Cormorant Tree Oh — experimental /...
John Pierce O'Reilly - now, the sun (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – now, the sun (2021)

Hey guys! Some time ago I posted a very nice folk song by John Pierce O’Reilly called “iombhá”. As you may predict, today here is one more track by this musician — “now, the sun”. Let’s check it! First of all, it’s incredibly different from what I heard in...
John Pierce O'Reilly - iombhá (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – iombhá (2021)

Hey, guys! For the last two days, I had a headache. So, I decided to listen to something soft and gentle to my ears. And I’ve got something perfect for this case 🙂 Here is John Pierce O’Reilly — indie folk music artist from Ireland, and his fresh song...
ENSHROUD - Open Vein (artwork farton music)

ENSHROUD – Open Vein (2020)

Hey guys! Around two weeks ago I posted one pretty heavy and interesting song by ENSHROUD, and here we go again! One more great and massive single by this band – “Open Vein”. Let’s check it together! Okay, since I’ve said everything that I think about the band in...
ENSHROUD - Shattered Inside (artwork faeton music)

ENSHROUD – Shattered Inside (2020)

Hello! Metal music is rarely appearing on my blog (unfortunately). But sometimes I am getting wonderful pieces of metal music. Today is one of those cases. Let’s check it! ENSHROUD – death metal / groove metal band from Ireland. Here is their track “Shattered Inside”. Well, maybe it’s a...

Sal Dulu — Tyko (2018)

Deep track with good vibe. Few times “on repeat” and you’re out of routine problems (at least during music playing) 🙂 Sal Dulu — electronic / downtempo / hip-hop music artist from Dublin, Ireland. Sal Dulu on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Spotify Favorite

Triangle & Seed — Live Inside Your Love (2015)

Hi there! In this rainy spring evening I want to be a little sad. With this track my sadness become so soft and clean, like water in high mountain lake. Enjoy this evening. Triangle & Seed — experimental / electronic / r&b project based in Toronto (Canada) and Dublin...

The Crytearions — Selected Recordings From The Album Trilogy (2016)

Howdy! I think this is the most fun album that I heard during this month. If you like dirty and noisy sounds, similar to demo tapes from early 90s, then this album is you choise 🙂 Nice album. Enjoy. The Crytearions — garage / punk / lo-fi / post-punk...

Cry Monster Cry – Old At Heart (Official Music Video 2016)

Hello. This video made my day! Enjoy! Cry Monster Cry — acoustic / country / irish band from Dublin, Ireland. Cry Monster Cry on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Spotify iTunes YouTube .tumblr Twitter Instagram Favorite