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JenHodges and Spurge – Four More Songs (2017)

Howdy! Here is a coctail of the enegretic progressive rock and atmospheric post-rock. Very interesting band. If you’re love these styles of the music, you should love it! Enjoy 🙂 JenHodges and Spurge — experimental / art rock / post-rock music band from Atlanta, US. JenHodges and Spurge on...

Feinman — Sweetworld 2 (2015)

Hello people. Are you ready? Really? Ok, let’s go 😉 Feinman — experimental / electronic / techno and a bunch of many genres music producer from New York, US. Feinman on the web: House Pet Records on Facebook Bandcamp Favorite

Then They Flew — Stable as the Earth Stops Spinning (2015)

Good evening. True post-rock from Portugal is here! Then They Flew — post rock / ambient / alternative music band from Lisbon, Portugal. Full album available on Bandcamp. Enjoy it. Then They Flew on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud YouTube Favorite

Black Flowers Cafe — Mintaka ii (single 2015)

Howdy! Here I am with new stuff for your ears 🙂 This time it will be band from Italy. Please welcome: Black Flowers Cafe — britpop / indie pop / alternative music band from Cosenza, Italy. Previous posts about Black Flowers Cafe on FM blog: BLACK FLOWERS CAFE —...


H! BINKBEATS — Beats Unraveled / covers / electronic / instrumental / deep house is a musician, producer, percussionist, multi instrumentalist from Netherlands. This is great live set at Le Guess Who festival. If you feel this music right? please check out his other cool stuff! Strongly Recommended To...

GoGo Penguin — v2.0 (album 2014)

Hello! GoGo Penguin — jazz, progressive jazz, experimental jazz is a music band from Manchester, UK. Band members are: – Chris Illingworth – piano. – Nick Blacka – double bass. – Rob Turner – drums/percussion. This is one of my favorites album of this year. GoGo Penguin on the...

Дельфин / Dolphin — Андрей (album 2014)

Hello! Dolphin — electronic / rock / beat / experimental / alternative music artist from Moscow, Russia. He is great! This album is so powerful! Dolphin on the web: Official Webpagel Facebook Vkontakte iTunes GooglePlay YouTube Favorite

Imelda Marcos — Isa (album 2014)

Hello! Imelda Marcos — instrumental / indie rock / math rock / shoecore is a two man band (Matt & Dave) from Chicago, IL. I like discovering talented musicians and getting in touch with them. So check out a fresh interesting album from almost unknown guys! (In my homeland...

Le Zoo Des Monstres — Ghosts From Indian Ocean (album 2014)

Hello! Le Zoo Des Monstres — electronic / experimental / nihilism / electromaloya is a music artist from a little island lost in indian ocean. Le Zoo Des Monstres on the web: Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Little King — My Friend (album 2014)

Hello! Little King — Acoustic / Chamber is an interesting music band from NY, USA. The band currently locate in Brooklyn. Little King was started almost 2 years ago with 2 vocalists, clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass. They’ve been playing regularly around the Brooklyn/Manhattan and have toured throughout New...

Animaux Surround — Château​-​Fantôme (EP 2014)

Hi there! Animaux Surround — electronic / france electro / indie pop is Isidore Hibou, a music artist from Paris, France. Animaux Surround on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Favorite