58918012 & Zlele - Raw (artwork faeton music)

58918012 & Zlele – Raw (2022)

Hi! “Raw” — is the EP by two musicians from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 58918012 and Zlele. Though they both make mostly light electronic music (ambient, downtempo, etc…), this certain release is incredibly dark, aggressive, and furious. Maybe the war is the reason. In any case, this release is what it...
58918012 & Zlele - Сік (artwork faeton music)

58918012 & Zlele – Сік (2022)

Hello, friends! Here is the collaborative track “Сік” from the upcoming EP “Raw” by 58918012 and Zlele. They’re both artists of Ukrainian music label Syntes Records. This is absolutely crazy mix experimental electronic, industrial, glitch, heavy guitars, and angry growls. Honestly, I didn’t heart anything like this before. Looking...
58918012 - Needle Tip (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Needle Tip (2022)

Hello everyone. The album “Needle Tip” is one of my darkest works (in one row with “Four Days”, “60”, and “and fall through the time”). This is the mix of noise, techno, dark ambient, drone, tape loops, and human feelings. To be honest, I know why it’s so dark...
Dorothy Shrödinger - The Emperor's New Mind (artwork faeton music)

Dorothy Shrödinger – The Emperor’s New Mind (2021)

Hi guys! I’ll be honest with you now…actually, I am always honest, but today’s track just broke my algorithm 🙂 Here is Dorothy Shrödinger — electronic / industrial music artist from Mexico, and her song “The Emperor’s New Mind”. It’s mindblowing… Let’s check it! Usually, I don’t like a...
DENSE - Dread (artwork faeton music)

DENSE – Dread (2020)

Hello, guys! Almost a year ago I posted here one pretty interesting band from Leeds, UK, called “Dense”. Today they’re back with the fresh music and this time here is their song “Dread”. Let’s dive into it! Sometimes music shouldn’t include blastbeats, guttural growls, or incredibly fast guitar riffs...
Super Senior - Class Dismissed (artwork faeton music)

Super Senior – Class Dismissed (2020)

Hey guys! Honestly, yesterday while I typed this post, I’ve had not the best mood in my life. Half of a day my head was like in the cosmos, the second part I thought about a lot of things…and it also was terrible. But this track sounds like it...
Violent Vickie - Serotonin (artwork faeton music)

Violent Vickie – Serotonin (2020)

Good morning. Maybe today is not the best day for this kind of music, but I like it, so you will listen to it too 😉 First of all – Violent Vickie – industrial / darkwave music artist from Los Angeles, US. Today I’d like to represent to you...
DENSE - Fever Dream (artwork faeton music)

DENSE – Fever Dream (2019)

Hello! Are you ready for the heavy music? Today I will try to bring you a particle of noise with help from DENSE band from Leeds, UK. This is the fresh song called “Fever Dream”, and to be honest, from the very first seconds of the track I understood...
Muuk - Seis Ausente (artwork faeton music)

Muuk – Seis Ausente (2019)

Hello! A long time ago (15.01.2015) debut album of this band was posted on my blog. And 4 years later I have a honor to post Muuk’s music again. If you like some soft and smooth music, then you can skip this post, because here is an experimental rock...
drainabyte - lost at sea (artwork faeton music)

drainabyte – lost at sea (2019)

Hello, my dears! Today I will ask you to prepare your ears for something extraordinary. Here is an artist from Milan, Italy. His name is Andrea, but he working under pseudonym drainabyte. And today I will represent to you track called “lost at sea”. A lot of genres are...
Lye Marlow - Blindsided (artwork faeton music)

Lye Marlow – Blindsided (2019)

Hello! In this track you can hear gentle female vocal with contrasting background by noisy industrial/electronic arrangement. It’s just a perfect stuff for my current mood tbh. Enjoy. Website Facebook Soudcloud Spotify Youtube Instagram Twitter Favorite