Ferdishenko - Bury It (artwork faeton music)

Ferdishenko – Bury It (2020)

Some people hate some seasons. Honestly, I don’t know why… I totally love every season. They all have their unique moods, especially when you have a soundtrack for them. Let’s check what I got for you today 🙂 Ferdishenko — indie / trip-hop music duo (Harry Wright and Oliver...
Jacob Freeman - Mask Mirror (artwork faeton music)

Jacob Freeman – Mask Mirror (2020)

Good morning, guys! Lazy Sunday out there right now. And I’ve got something special for you all today 😉 Here is Jacob Freeman — indie-electronic music artist from Chicago, United States, and his fresh song entitled “Mask Mirror”. The song starts with almost weightless airy sounds. They gently take...
Simon Alexander - Ocean (artwork faeton music)

Simon Alexander – Ocean (2020)

No long introductions today. Here is Simon Alexander — acoustic / folk / indie music artist from Goteborg, Sweden, with his fresh song “Ocean”, from the sophomore album ‘Riverine’, coming out November 13th. Let’s give it a listen! Traditionally, we can hear his amazing voice inside of a fragile...
Walter Jr. - The Party Is Over (artwork faeton music)

Walter Jr. – The Party Is Over (2020)

Hey guys! For a very long time now I don’t feel any difference between workweek and weekend… But sometimes that feeling coming back to me. This song provoked those inner experiences. I am incredibly calm now and the track plays over and over again. Today here is Walter Jr....
Deja Blu - Crystal Eternal (artwork faeton music)

Deja Blu – Crystal Eternal (2020)

Hey! Thursday is a perfect day to start preparing for the weekend 🙂 And here is the song with an amazing mood and atmosphere. Let’s check it together… Today here is Deja Blu — indie / dream pop duo from Surrey, UK, and their fresh song “Crystal Eternal”. The...