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M. Rumbi - So Dizzy, So High (feat. jamie.) (artwork faeton music)

M. Rumbi – So Dizzy, So High (feat. jamie.) (2023)

Hi. As usual, I am here to share some fresh and good music with you. Today is a chilled day. Here is M. Rumbi — indie pop / dream pop (and many other genres) music producer from Nairobi / Bloemfontein, South Africa, and the track “So Dizzy, So High...
ANDRÆ - Dolls (artwork faeton music)

ANDRÆ – Dolls (2022)

Hi guys! ANDRÆ is one of the most interesting and original artists I know. His music is always incredibly catchy. I can’t even describe exactly why… Today he’s back with the fresh song called “Dolls”. Let’s check it 🙂 This track is definitely vocal-driven. I mean, the arrangement works...
Inude - Noisy Floor, Silent Room (artwork faeton music)

Inude – Noisy Floor, Silent Room (2021)

Hello! I don’t know why, but I am still thinking about summer…even though it’s far away in the past now, and even way much far in the future. But the mood is kinda nostalgic today. If you feel in the same way, then I have a great soundtrack for...
Bex & Bright - Away (Ft. LUC) (artwork faeton music)

Bex & Bright – Away (Ft. LUC) (2021)

Hello, guys! You know, sometimes we all have thoughts about some situations in our lives…and lots of “what if?” questions. I think this song is a perfect helper for such cases. Here is the song called “Away (Ft. LUC)” by Bex & Bright — bedroom / lo-fi pop music...
ANDRÆ - Negative mountains (artwork faeton music)

ANDRÆ – Negative mountains (2021)

Hey-hey! ANDRÆ — is one of those modern music artists, which will definitely hook you from the very first time you hear it. I can say it because I’ve already posted a few of his tracks on my blog (check out the links below the post). His voice is...
Kyler Slater - Lost My Mind (artwork faeton music)

Kyler Slater – Lost My Mind (2021)

Hello! My god, the time is going incredibly fast! A year ago I posted here one nice song called “Perfect Form” by Kyler Slater – indie electronic / alternative music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Seems like it was yesterday…but no, a goddamn year ago, just can’t believe...