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zion kim. - Hurt me bad. (artwork faeton music)

zion kim. – Hurt me bad. (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Nature makes revenge for the Carpathian forests, which was illegally logged. It rains for over 20 days now and some places are already flooded. That’s pretty sad honestly. But my mission is to share good music, right? So, I will do my part of the deal....
Platch - Odinakovo (artwork faeton music)

Platch – Odinakovo (2020)

Good morning, folks! I don’t know why, but songs on Ukrainian or Russian is extremely rare on my blog. But today one of those lucky cases, when I totally understand all lyrics in the song posted. Let’s check this out! Here is Platch – electronicc / experimental music project...
Yellow Shoots - Wonderful Day

Yellow Shoots – Wonderful Day (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂 Today I am here with one more wonderful artist – Yellow Shoots, and the song “Wonderful Day”. I’ve already posted his music here a few times (check out links below). And this time it’s also a pretty nice song. Let’s check it together. First...
Saint Nomad - Nothing To Lose (artwork faeton music)

Saint Nomad – Nothing To Lose (2020)

Hello again 🙂 If you would know, how it’s boring to write pretty similar things about each song… It’s happening because all songs here are good. For sure, each track has its own character, but in general – they’re all are good music. One more post for today and...