Dario Lessing - Barefoot (feat. Rezar) (artwork faeton music)

Dario Lessing – Barefoot (feat. Rezar) (2020)

Hello, guys! Sometimes I am afraid that good music is gone… But it’s just my imagination because in reality I always getting something incredibly fresh and good. Today, traditionally, one of those cases! Here is Dario Lessing — indie electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and his song “Barefoot”,...
zion kim. - Hurt me bad. (artwork faeton music)

zion kim. – Hurt me bad. (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Nature makes revenge for the Carpathian forests, which was illegally logged. It rains for over 20 days now and some places are already flooded. That’s pretty sad honestly. But my mission is to share good music, right? So, I will do my part of the deal....
The Micronaut - Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck) (artowrk faeton music)

The Micronaut – Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck) (2020)

Good evening! How you all doing? 🙂 Let’s start immediately! Here is The Micronaut — uk garage / electronica music producer from Leipzig, Germany, and his fresh track “Fencing” featuring Saskia Streck. The track is a mix of a bunch of genres in my opinion. There is indie electronic,...
Stephen - Tracer (artwork faeton music)

Stephen – Tracer (2020)

Good morning, my friends! Today here is again Stephen with the fresh single from his forthcoming album Akrasia. As usual, his music will not leave you indifferent in any case. You may like it, or not…but emotions will be pretty strong, believe me 😉 The verses in this song...
Stephen - I Never Stay in Love (artwork faeton music)

Stephen – I Never Stay in Love (2020)

Good evening 🙂 This post is special to me. Because the music of this artist was with me in my bad times and it was some kind of lifebuoy for me. It was a long time ago… I suppose in 2015. My heart still shudders when I hear the...
Yellow Shoots - Wonderful Day

Yellow Shoots – Wonderful Day (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂 Today I am here with one more wonderful artist – Yellow Shoots, and the song “Wonderful Day”. I’ve already posted his music here a few times (check out links below). And this time it’s also a pretty nice song. Let’s check it together. First...
Bronze Whale, Poles - Hold. Wait. Fall. (artwork faeton music)

Bronze Whale – Hold. Wait. Fall. (2020)

Hi there! Music – is a thing where we MUST go against rules sometimes 🙂 SInce I don’t like autotuned vocals in music, I am usually not posting music with autotunage. Today’s track is one of those exceptions, when autotune used so gently and thoughtful, so I want it...
Monoply - Origin (artwork faeton music)

Monoply – Origin (2020)

Hi, guys! I’m trying to write something nice, but my brain, obviously, tuned to some other mood at this moment. So, today’s post will be without my “intro”. but who cares, right? If you are here, then you want to listen to the fresh music 🙂 Here is the...
mindchatter - scared to go home (artwork faeton music)

Mindchatter – scared to go home (2020)

Hey-hey! How you are guys doing? I don’t know how, but sometimes musicians make each track as a masterpiece. For example – Mindchatter. This guy was posted here for four times, and today is gonna be fifth 🙂 This musician won my heart a long time ago, and I...
Sour Sync - Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (artwork faeton music)

Sour Sync – Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (2020)

Hello, guys! I have almost merged with my chair already… Beautiful spring outside, but I should (everybody actually) stay home. One good point here – I have an endless source of fresh music! And I am always trying to share some with you
Jon Santana x James Droll - Black Ivy (artwork faeton music)

Jon Santana – Black Ivy (feat. James Droll) (2020)

Hi! Another wonderful spring morning, and traditionally, one more beautiful track is here! Today here is a very beautiful and calm song “Black Ivy” by Jon Santana feat. James Droll. Both musicians are from Nashville, United States. In this composition beautiful literally everything! Starting from the voice and ending...
Wabisabi - Always (artwork faeton music)

Wabisabi – Always (2020)

Good morning 😉 Sometimes I don’t want to listen to something too meaningful and thoughtful. Without deep lyrics…just light music to relax my brain. Here is a good example of this kind of music – Wabisabi (chillout / downtempo music artist from Tokyo, Japan) with the track “Always”. As...