De Rien - Chimes (artwork faeton music)

De Rien – Chimes (2019)

Hello! Great beginning of the winter, right? +4 outside, no rain, no snow, no wind, sun is shining…everything is perfect for a walk 🙂 And today’s song is a perfect soundtrack for it. From the very forst seconds of the track I decided that I will definitely go for...
De Rien - Cali (artwork faeton music)

De Rien – Cali (2019)

Hello! Today I’d like to represent to you one more amazing track by an amazing music producer from Cologne, Germany – De Rien. Track is called “Cali” (as you can see in a headline 🙂 “Cali” was constructed with intentional levity, enhanced by smooth synth chords. A certain easiness...
Mindchatter - Kerosene (artwork faeton music)

Mindchatter – Kerosene (2019)

Hi there! When I’ve got this track, there was only one question I asked: “How can you make each track so beautiful?” And that’s totally true! Check out other tracks following links below. Okay, tbh, not many artists posting here a few times in a row with their releases,...
Mindchatter - Just Gonna Exist (artwork faeton music)

Mindchatter – Just Gonna Exist (2019)

Hello. Huh…finally summer is came. I really enjoying the weather, swifts and the atmosphere. Well, maybe I am too much sitting home. This is true. But I feel that summer vibes in my body. Mindchatter is not the first time here (because, obvious, it’s a good stuff) and you...

HUMANS — The Feels (2017)

Hello again! Check this out. Very light and groovy track from HUMANS. By the way, this guys are also from Canada (as band from the previous post). Enjoy. HUMANS — electronic / indie music project from Vancouver, Canada. HUMANS on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite