Inner Scepter - Sickest of the Simple (artwork faeton music)

Inner Scepter – Sickest of the Simple (2019)

Hello! I like a lot, when musicians not just making everything as cliche, but using some fresh approach and don’t afraid of experiments with mixing styles. Today we got a perfect example of good result of that kind of experiments. Good flow, not gerular “808 kick” beat with toms...
The Secret Whistle - Creaks (artwork faeton music)

The Secret Whistle – Creaks (2019)

Hi there. I am lazy af right now. Probably it’s because of that damn heat outside (tbh, it’s fuc*ing hot even in my room). But I am not hating this, I’m just trying to deal with it using my own methods. One of them is – cold fruits in...
Shako Speel - There They Went Prod. Funky Waves (artwork faeton music)

Shako Speel – There They Went Prod. Funky Waves (2019)

Hey folks! As usual, here I am with one more portion of the good music for you. In this track included everything I like in rap music: good production (by Funky Waves), old-school atmosphere, perfect flow and, finally, good lyrics with right sense. Tbh, in some sense, I also...

Søjus1 – 006 (feat. i Am Halo) (2016)

Hello. Here I am again, with another great music masterpiece. It’s not a fresh one, but very interesting. Check it. Søjus1 — experimental electronic / trip-hop / downtempo music project from Dresden, Germany. Søjus1 on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Google+ YouTube Favorite