ROY ROY - Chalky Nuts (artwork faeton music)

ROY ROY – Chalky Nuts (2021)

Hey! As you all probably know, I like music where a bunch of genres mixed…something experimental and mindblowing. Sometimes I am looking for something described above all over the streaming platforms, but sometimes this music finding me by itself. Today is of those cases. So, open your mind to...
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Here Lies (feat. Relic & Griffin) (artwork faeton music)

Paradox & DJ Sean P – Here Lies (f. Rel McCoy & Griffin) (2011)

Hey guys! How are things going? 🙂 For a pretty long time here was no hip-hop music, but today I will fix it with a portion of strong old-school hip-hop stuff! Paradox & DJ Sean P in da house with their track “Here Lies” (feat. Relic & Griffin). Let’s...
Belle Ford - Cat Call (artwork faeton music)

Belle Ford – Cat Call (2021)

Hi there! How things going? 🙂 Well, on my side (at least from the musical perspective) everything is great! That’s because I found one more diamond in the endless ocean of the world’s modern musical scene! Okay…maybe that was not me, I am here just to share it with...
Marz Fay - Sunsets and Beaches (artwork faeton music)

Marz Fay – Sunsets and Beaches (2020)

Hey guys! Winter is finally here 🙂 I don’t know, maybe for some people it’s pretty unpleasant news…but I love any season, especially when I have fresh music in my “pocket”. I am here to try to bring you some good vibes thru the music
LORD GASP - Close Your Eyes and It Might Pass (prod. Plague) (artwork faeton music)

LORD GASP – Close Your Eyes and It Might Pass (prod. Plague) (2020)

Hey guys! Yesterday in the evening, while I prepared this post, I’ve had a goddamn headache. But this track is so fucking massive that I just couldn’t stop to do it 🙂 The energy from the track filled my body and here I am with the fresh hip-hop music...
Reyn Hartley - Bow (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Bow (2020)

Good morning, friends! Does anybody remember such name as Reyn Hartley, and tracks as “Snitch”, “Italy”, and “Energy”? Damn, what the fu*k? For sure you do! Well, in my opinion, this guy is one of the most stylish and interesting fresh-blood rappers. His tracks are hits. To prove my...
Coucheron - Natalie Portman (feat. Pasha & Safario) (artwork faeton music)

Coucheron – Natalie Portman (feat. Pasha & Safario) (2020)

Hey guys! How you doing? Sometimes I have a mood to listen to something…not too serious, but with good beat and interesting style. Today here is a good example of what I mean. Let’s check it! Here is Coucheron — electronic music producer from Asker, Norway, and the track...
Reyn Hartley - Energy (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Energy (2020)

Hello, guys! If you know who is Reyn Hartley and what is Snitch, then you’ll be pretty happy to know that he released fresh track lately. For those who have no idea what am I talking about, here is short info: Reyn Hartley — hip-hop / rap music artist...
Your Friend, Ghost - Gone (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Gone (2020)

Hey-hey! Good morning 🙂 A few days of pause are gone like a little preparation before fresh stuff from my friends “Your Friend, Ghost”. This time it’s a track “Gone” off their fresh album “Foreign Skies”. I think, if you’re following my blog, then I don’t need to introduce...
Your Friend, Ghost - Smokers (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Smokers (2020)

Good morning 🙂 The guys I want to post here today is some kind of legionaries of Faeton Music Blog. Just check the links below and you will figure everything out. Let’s got ahead to the current song! Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about it… They,...