KUSHI - Trippin (artwork faeton music)

KUSHI – Trippin (2020)

Hi there! Just FYI, I am very negatively tuned to any drugs (yes, I know that the LSD is psychedelic, but still the drug in my opinion). and to everything connected with it. Don’t do drugs ever! Since the drugs theme is not close to me, I will try...
Phase Patterns - Phase One (artwork faeton music)

Phase Patterns – Phase One (2019)

Hello! We’re in the middle of the week, so somebody still can’t figure out what is going on here, but somebody already living in the future (I mean friday evening for sure). Here is the track for those of you, who still can’t figure out 🙂 Well, just kidding!...

Splashy the Blame-Shifter, Lenina and Ship Canal — Bourgeois Kerb Stomp (2014)

Hello! How are you? I have something special for all of you, check this out! 🙂 Splashy the Blame-Shifter, Lenina and Ship Canal — drone / noise / experimental / dark ambient music project from Glasgow (UK). Partly this music scares me. But I love noise/drone/ambient sounds, so this...