Temple Haze - Blank White Page (artwork faeton music)

Temple Haze – Blank White Page (2022)

Hello. This time I don’t want to write an introduction. Not in a mood… So, let’s get into the music right away. Here is Temple Haze β€” indie / electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and his fresh track entitled “Blank White Page”. I can compare the experience of...
Bastelbande - Shelter Syndrome (feat. Domitie) (artwork faeton music)

Bastelbande – Shelter Syndrome (feat. Domitie) (2021)

Hey guys! How you all doing? One of my most favorite genres is trip-hop. It’s kinda ocean of calmness and melancholy. I always can dive into its waves if I need some rest. For sure, you can find a bunch of “happy” and “upbeat” trip-hop songs, but mostly it’s...
naket spheras - elf (artwork faeton music)

naket spheras – elf (2021)

Hello, my friends πŸ™‚ Traditionally, sometimes I feel that my brain needs some psychedelic / experimental music. Otherwise, everything will become boring and similar. Today is one of those cases. If you prefer to hear some light, melodic, and calm songs then your best bet is to close this...
Lyhre - sad cyborg (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – ilu / blue (2020)

Hey guys! If you’re reading my blog regularly, then you probably already know Lyhre. For those who don’t β€” Lyhre is indie / electronic / experimental music artist from Berlin, Germany. Today is a special day, because Lyhre’s EP release, and because I am posting two tracks in one...
Lyhre - sad cyborg (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – gently brutal (2020)

Hello guys! How you all doing? The winter has finally occupied the city, and I am looking for some calm music for this period of time. Luckily, I have the honor to know Lyhre. So today here is Lyhre again, with her fresh track entitled “gently brutal”. This time...
Lyhre - sad cyborg (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – sad cyborg (2020)

Hi there! Some time ago I’ve opened for myself Lyhre, and I am her fan since that time. Honestly, if you’ve heard her music once, you’ll never forget it! Those minimalistic and incredibly atmospheric arrangements…that amazing vocal manner (it’s pretty hard to recognize lyrics, but sounds wonderful). So, today...