Klaus Blatter - Space Girl (Remix by Todd Terry) (artwork faeton music)

Klaus Blatter – Space Girl (Remix by Todd Terry) (2019)

Good morning! Germany always was a country of techno and house music and this time I will show you one more proof of these words. Here is Klaus Blatter and his track Space Girl, remixed by Todd Terry and released under Sunday Best Recordings. One thing which I don’t...
De Rien - Cali (artwork faeton music)

De Rien – Cali (2019)

Hello! Today I’d like to represent to you one more amazing track by an amazing music producer from Cologne, Germany – De Rien. Track is called “Cali” (as you can see in a headline 🙂 “Cali” was constructed with intentional levity, enhanced by smooth synth chords. A certain easiness...
Moglii - Bloom (feat. Island Fox) (artwork faeton music)

Moglii – Bloom (feat. Island Fox) (2019)

Hi there! Here I am again, with fresh stuff for you. This time it’s gonna be our good friend “Moglii” featuring Island Fox. Traditionally, everything is perfectly produced and performed. Very nice vocals and amazing arrangement. I strongly recommend to you to check out his full album on spotify,...