Metric System 1981 - Creation (artwork faeton music)

Metric System 1981 – Creation (2023)

Hi, friends! A bit of fresh and chilled ambient music is always on point (at least, in my opinion). Today here is Metric System 1981 β€” ambient / drone music project of Michael Schacht from Frankfurt, Germany, and the composition “Creation”. Let’s check it! The track sounds cold. Its...
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - Stereoscope (artwork faeton music)

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Stereoscope (2022)

Hi guys! The last few weeks were pretty difficult for me. Only for a few hours per day I have electricity (of course, because of fucking russia). Anyways, I am working as hard as I can and trying to share fresh music with you. Today here is Lucy Kruger...
Dawning - Wading Heron (artwork faeton music)

Dawning – Wading Heron (2022)

Hello, guys! While fucking russian naZis bombing civilian Ukrainians, I am trying to do something. At least, to share fresh good music from around the world with all of you. Today here is Dawning β€” slowcore / shoegaze music band from USA / Germany, and their fresh song “Wading...
Lyhre - Parasite (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – Parasite (2022)

Hello. I have a few artists-veterans on my blog. Today here is one of them. Lyhre β€” experimental / electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and her fresh song entitled “Parasite”. Will try to say something about it. Let’s go. First of all, maybe I am not fully objective...
Temple Haze - Blank White Page (artwork faeton music)

Temple Haze – Blank White Page (2022)

Hello. This time I don’t want to write an introduction. Not in a mood… So, let’s get into the music right away. Here is Temple Haze β€” indie / electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and his fresh track entitled “Blank White Page”. I can compare the experience of...
Bastelbande - Shelter Syndrome (feat. Domitie) (artwork faeton music)

Bastelbande – Shelter Syndrome (feat. Domitie) (2021)

Hey guys! How you all doing? One of my most favorite genres is trip-hop. It’s kinda ocean of calmness and melancholy. I always can dive into its waves if I need some rest. For sure, you can find a bunch of “happy” and “upbeat” trip-hop songs, but mostly it’s...