Dawncall - Spearmint (artwork faeton music)

Dawncall – Spearmint (2020)

Hello, people! Today here is Dawncall — uk garage / future garage producer from Tel-Aviv, Israel, and the track “Spearmint”. Our lives seem like a roller-coaster. In one moment we are happy and having everything, and the next moment — alone and broken. This track is like a little...
The Velvoids - Let It Breathe (artwork faeton music)

The Velvoids – Let It Breathe (2020)

Hello! I love spring 🙂 That feeling when you have a lot of ideas to embody, lots of things happening around, everything starting backing alive! Amazing time! Today I want to show you one very interesting psychedelic rock music duo from Athens, Greece – The Velvoids, and their latest...
Fountain Child - As Dreams Are Made On (artwork faeton music)

Fountain Child – As Dreams Are Made On (2019)

Hi there. I have a friend, which will be pretty happy to hear this track (just because he really love future garage music). Tbh, I am also happy to hear it (just because it’s good). Incredibly atmospheric music with very recognizable for this kind of music beat. Vocal samples...