Lila Drew - Crystal Ball (artwork faeton music)

Lila Drew – Crystal Ball (2021)

Hi guys! I thought that I can remember all music I posted here… but…today I realized that it’s not true anymore. Probably, too many posts here πŸ™‚ I just understood that I’ve already posted this artist on the blog (you can check it following the link below this post)....
Karl McCann - Like A Star (artwork faeton music)

Karl McCann – Like A Star (2021)

Hi, guys! We always want more…it doesn’t matter, more of what. More money, more joy, more sadness. It’s kinda human nature β€” to want more. Anyways, I will try to show you that sometimes less means much more than lots. Today here is Karl McCann – acoustic / sadcore...
John Pierce O'Reilly - now, the sun (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – now, the sun (2021)

Hey guys! Some time ago I posted a very nice folk song by John Pierce O’Reilly called “iombhá”. As you may predict, today here is one more track by this musician β€” “now, the sun”. Let’s check it! First of all, it’s incredibly different from what I heard in...
Roos Meijer - I Dream Of A World (artwork faeton music)

Roos Meijer – I Dream Of A World (2021)

Good morning πŸ™‚ You know, I don’t like a piano in music at all…but today’s song is one of those rare exceptional cases when the piano sounds perfect, and working with the vocal and the rest of the arrangement perfectly! Here is Roos Meijer β€” folk / world music...