Bodybag Garibaldi - Margot Robbie (artwork faeton music)

Bodybag Garibaldi – Margot Robbie (2021)

Hey guys! Today is a good day for metal music lovers 🙂 Sometimes we all need something heavy and crazy, right? Well, I have something for you! Here is Bodybag Garibaldi — One-man death / grind band from Brazil based in Helsinki, Finland, and the track “Margot Robbie”. Let’s...
Mantaray - In Everything (artwork faeton music)

Mantaray – Half Light (2020)

Hello, folks 🙂 Today here is our friends – band Mantaray, and their new track “In Everything”. Honestly, I don’t know how, but these guys making each song a masterpiece! This one, for sure, is not an exclusion. I’m in love with their style. It’s something on the edge...
Mantaray - Half Light (artwork faeton music)

Mantaray – Half Light (2020)

Hello, guys! How y’all doing? 🙂 One more beautiful song was released recently by Mantaray. If you still have no idea who is Mantaray, then check out previous posts following links below. The song sounds incredibly soft and pleasant to me. I like literally everything! Harmony, melody, rhythm, sound...
Mantaray - On the Back of Your Hand (artwork faeton music)

Mantaray – On the Back of Your Hand (2019)

Good morning (or day, whatever). Sometimes music able to heal, sometimes to freeze the time, sometimes just to help to relax. But in any of these cases, music will always be one of the most important arts of all times. ’cause anything (except the music) can’t be so emotional,...
Mantaray - Outside Me (artwork faeton music)

Mantaray – Outside Me (2019)

Hello. It feels like I am lost today. It’s happening sometimes…then the thoughts inside my head dancing like a crazy savages and driving me crazy. It’s not the best feeling I’ve ever felt, but definitely not worst. Anyway, I have a good music, as usual. Just another portion of...

Unradiant — Unradiant (album 2014)

Hello! Want to chill?! No problemos! Just press play! Unradiant — experimental / ambient / downtempo / electronic is Oula Maaranen, musician from Finland. Unradiant on the web: Facebook Tumblr Soundcloud Favorite