bels lontano - florid entanglements (artwork faeton music)

Bels Lontano – Florid Entanglements (2019)

Hi there, friends 🙂 Today here’s very interesting stuff by Bels Lontano. It’s really impressive! Lovely sounds and arrangement. I don’t even want to talk about it. Just take it a listen! Enjoy. Previous posts: BELS LONTANO – AT THE HORIZON Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram Twitter Favorite
BARK - Medicate (feat. Marcus Potts & Melinda Camille) artwork faeton music

BARK – Medicate (feat. Marcus Potts & Melinda Camille) (2018)

Good evening 🙂 Today is not the best evening in the recent time and I can’t fix it in any way. Yeah, I know that it’s all because of me…okay, I’ve done. Here is one of those tracks, that may work as a “light stick” from MiB movie, but...