experimental music

OSKAR SCHUSTER & CYPIX — Fjarlægur (single 2015)

Hello! Such sunny day is here and music too. Oskar Schuster — ambient / piano / chill / instrumental / electronic / neoclassical is a music artist from Berlin, Germany. Cypix — electronic / chill / experimental / ambient is a 15 year old producer / electronic artist from...

Remy Olandrusso — MPRSSNS F FRC (Album 2014)

Hello! Remy Olandrusso — experimental / psychedelic / experimental electronic / psych / psychedeliais Evan Lacksmer, music artist from Chicago, Illinois. Wanna some insane in the brain? Quickly press play! P.S: Evan uses bass guitar, guitar, sometimes both, some cymbal percussion, processed vocals, electric mbira, distortion, looper, pitchshifter. Remy...

Texas Turntable Massacre — Knives Over Forks (single 2014)

Hello! Texas Turntable Massacre — : experimental / experimental electronic / industrial / goth / dark wave / soundtracks / horror music artist from Chicago, USA. Theremin. Moog. Sir Alec “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Guinness talks baby eating. A horribly out-of-context Rev. Jimmy Swaggart shrieks about sex and bondage. Creepy subterranean...

Unradiant — Unradiant (album 2014)

Hello! Want to chill?! No problemos! Just press play! Unradiant — experimental / ambient / downtempo / electronic is Oula Maaranen, musician from Finland. Unradiant on the web: Facebook Tumblr Soundcloud Favorite

Arms and Sleepers — Swim Team (album 2014)

Hello! New album from amazing Arms and Sleepers! Just press play! Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/electronic/trip-hop/post-rock duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME). Arms and Sleepers on the web: Official Site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp LastFM Myspace Youtube Twitter Favorite

Daryl Donald — Kept (EP 2014)

Hi everybody! I`m here again) Daryl Donald — aesthetics hip-hop, hip-hop/rap is an musician from Edinburgh, Scotland. He makes mellow emotive hip-hop instrumentals. I`ve just bought a bicycle and I`m listening this EP while riding it. Cool stuff. Daryl Donald on the web: Bandcamp Twitter Soundcloud YouTube Favorite

Saga Asad — Everything Is a Game (2014)

Hi everyone! Here is the great abstract hip-hop music artist. Saga Asad — hip-hop / experimental / abstract artist from Brooklyn (US). Check it out. Saga Asad on the web: Official tumblr. Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter YouTube Favorite