EP 2014

Lunar Twin — Lunar Twin (EP 2014)

Hello! Wats up? FM team is still hanging out after New Years Eve, but now we can typing and it`s awesome:) Lunar Twin — dream pop / chill / electronic / beats is Chris and Bryce music duo from Oakland, California. Lunar Twin on the web: Official Webpage Facebook...

Shifting Reality — Naive Audacity (EP 2014)

Hello! As you know, we like opening new faces in music. So ambient lovers don’t pass by! Shifting Reality — ambient / cinematic electronica / experimental is David Pusztai a musician from Hungary. Shifting Reality on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Andy Islands — Andy Islands 1 (EP 2014)

Hello! Groovy African vibration is here! Andy Islands — African house / electronic / dance is a bedroom producer from Cape Town, South Africa from Cape Town, South Africa. Andy Islands on the web: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Favorite

Animaux Surround — Château​-​Fantôme (EP 2014)

Hi there! Animaux Surround — electronic / france electro / indie pop is Isidore Hibou, a music artist from Paris, France. Animaux Surround on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Favorite

Play Fortune — West We Eat, We Feed (EP 2014)

YO! Some new stuff! Play Fortune — hip-hop / electronic / rap / underground hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop is Cory Wilson. He is a Hip-Hop and Electronic producer from Philadelphia, Pa. Play Fortune on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Bad Blocks — Circulate (EP 2014)

Hi mates! Bad Blocks — electronic /dream-pop / experimental beats / chill / new age / ambient / dance an electronic two-piece collaboration of Daniel Neeve and Hamish Lang from Wellington, New Zealand. In IT, “bad blocks” are digital corruptions that render information unreadable and unwritable. For Hamish Lang...

Sound Awakener — Five Chapters (EP 2014)

Hello! Sound Awakener — Dark Ambient / Experimental / Piano is a musician from Vietnam. Five improvisations recorded on upright acoustic piano. Each piece has a really extinctive character .Vibrate has layers of reverb and exteneded techniques on piano string. Gather Eternity has loud hiss noise and distorted sound....

Toph — Path Dependence (EP 2014)

Hi everybody! Greate instrumental electronic music with a focus on melody and texture. This is his debute EP, so keep making music! It`s a real pleasure to listen! Toph — electronic / instrumental is a part-time independent musician based in NYC, USA. Toph on the web: Official website Facebook...

Memory In Plant — An Epic Triumph (ep 2014)

Our friends have just released their debut EP. MUST LISTEN! Memory In Plant — psychedelic/progressive/indie rock band from Tel Aviv (Israel). Memory In Plant on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter YouTube Favorite